In the hopes of getting everyone even more excited to hear my birth story, I decided to create a bit more anticipation. I want to share a bit about my Full Moon Ceremony/Native American Blessingway first. I wish I had been on the ball enough to actually take a camera and take pictures but to no avail, once again, I came unprepared to do so. I do have some pictures of a few of the things that we did but none of who came. So sorry.

It was an AMAZING, UPLIFTING, SPIRITUAL night for me. I so needed to bond with other woman on the night of the full moon and just share and bask in our womanhood and the upcoming birth of my little girl.
I started out the night by showing a little clip discussing what conscious birth is, from the movie “Birth As We Know It.” I did that in order to help others understand what I had planned for this pregnancy and birth. Most of the woman there already understood the concept and were so open to the new ideas and feelings that came along with it. After showing the clip, I broke into tears just about how grateful I was that all my friends were there and were open to letting the evening envelope them and truly connect with each other.
We then proceeded to walk upstairs and eat the DELICIOUS and NUTRITIOUS raw food we had made. We had made a BEAUTIFUL salad with a tahini/parsley/garlic dressing, since I had been craving tahini at the time. We did also provide food for the people who had a more expanded diet. We had hummus with WW tortillas and some DECADENT desserts my sister in law Yulia made. They were so ELEGANT! No one could even believe they were raw! While everyone was eating, I explained to them why I had requested they bring the charms to put on a necklace. I asked them to write intentions/prayers for my birth and then explain them to me while giving me the charm. OH MY GOODNESS!! This part of the ceremony was just a spiritual experience for me. I just couldn’t believe how much thought and love everyone had put into their prayer and charm. Here is an example of one of the intentions I received:
“My intention for your birth is that you be keenly aware of the love our Heavenly Mother has for you. That you might perceive and recognize her in the substance of your dreams and the natural flowing of your thoughts and intuitions. By recognizing her within yourself, you will more easily trust your preferences, natural inclinations, and spiritual leanings. This is the Divine Feminine within you!
The charm I chose is because of it’s earthly substance. Your spirit will tap into the divine through your Spirit self and by the substance of this charm you will apply that divine council in grounded and practical ways throughout the process of your birth and thereafter.”

WOW!! Can you believe it? So AMAZING! Also, as everyone was eating and such I asked that each woman would be prayerful and draw on my belly cast what inspired them. Each woman was prayerful about it and my belly cast permeates love and peace.

After eating and such, a friend of mine played a melody she had written with her guitar. It spoke of the Divine Feminine in all of us and was so touching it brought most of us to tears. We all then went back downstairs to watch another clip of an actual birth where the woman was fully aware and present throughout the whole process. Again, each of us were brought to tears by the profound sense of our own existence.
Lastly, we ended the night with a pipe ceremony where my friend Shauna said a prayer for my birth and thereafter. Another friend sang again for us and we all spent the next hour relishing in each others thoughts and feelings about life and the awe of it all.
As everyone was leaving, I passed out tea candles with affirming, positive words for them to light when they got the call I was in labor. We created a calling circle where one of my friend’s called everyone to let them know I was in labor and to light their candles. I just talked to a friend on the phone who had been out of town when she got the call. It was her birthday and she was feeling quite alone. She said it made her day to light her “ecstasy” candle and know that I was having my baby on her birthday. How FUN is that?
I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to celebrate and have this ceremony with so many INSPIRING woman. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. It exceeded what I even expected. Thank you, my dear friends. I learned so much from you all that night and truly believe that my birth turned out to be such a GIVING, LOVING experience because of that night and your thoughts and prayers.
I will do my best to post my birth in the next few days. I have been dealing with a breast infection for the last couple of days. It was only REALLY bad yesterday but today seems to be MUCH better. I think it’s the fever part that is so AWFUL!! I just hardly EVER get sick or have anything where I feel bad so I had forgotten what that feels like. But….once again, I was grateful for the experience. I got to look hard at myself and why I was wanted to create that kind of discomfort. Chris was AWESOME through the whole thing yesterday. He stayed home with me and helped me get through it. I sure LOVE and APPRECIATE him. I need to do it more!!
I am dealing with more emotional stuff right now. I wasn’t quite ready for Mabel to come. She was a bit early, earlier than all my other kids and because life has been so crazy I think I wasn’t emotionally prepared for her birth. It has been a bit of an adjustment. I have felt REALLY grateful that my sister Kim came out to stay with me. She has been SUCH a help. I don’t know what I would without her right now. But….I am still trying to process all these feelings of going back to “babyland” and nursing and changing diapers and so on and so forth. I knew before she was born that I was having these feelings but, of course, they are much more apparent now that she is born. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Are there others out there who have also felt this way? I kind of feel like a first time Mom all over again. It’s really WEIRD!! I would LOVE to hear others adjustments and how they dealt emotionally with such a HUGE change.
Thanks for listening all of you! Well, those who read my blog. LOL!! I will share more about my feelings and the birth very soon so check back!!
Abundant peace,