Let’s talk about pitocin for a bit here.  Pitocin is synthetic oxytocin.  Oxytocin is the hormone that stimulates contractions within the uterus.  Whether during orgasm or while delivering a child.  Pitocin tries to simulate the same type of contraction that oxytocin does but, sadly, it cannot.  Pitocin instead can make contractions erratic and MUCH stronger than the strength of each contraction  stimulated with oxytocin.

Pitocin is also used when a hemorrhage is taking place.  This is when pitocin can truly be a lifesaving drug.  But….when pitocin is used in the wrong way and without the right reasons for use, then serious damage can be caused.

Please do your homework and know the facts about pitocin.  Ask all the questions to know how or if it is truly safe for you and your baby.  I believe a baby knows how long to gestate and when is the time for it’s birth.  Your fetus actually creates the hormones to stimulate your endocrine system to start producing oxytocin.  I have seen Moms deliver babies at 43+ weeks.  Of course, we always take precautions.  We send them to doctors.  We get ultrasounds, if need be to check fluid levels.  We still do our homework.  And if baby is, at all, in distress by all mean do what is necessary to help baby be born safely.

But…..if everything looks healthy and normal and good……why force a Mom to deliver her baby BEFORE that baby might even be ready, all in the name of litigation?  That’s the ONLY reason for the choice of induction if all looks well with Mom and baby.  If we could help Moms see that the “seduction for induction” can be so subtle that unless they have educated themselves on all the risks of pitocin and choose to stand up for her and her baby, they will inevitably fall and have potential consequences they may not like.

Please read both articles below.  Both are informative and can help you on your path to understanding pitocin and the pitfalls it can and does create in the birth experience.  The second article is a personal story of a women’s allergic reactions and negative response to pitocin.

By the way, EXCELLENT book on the subject of what pitocin really is.  “Childbirth In The Age of Plastics” by Michel Odent. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m sure I will mention it again. Not a drug to help induce labor.  It a hormone that replaces the bodies natural hormone production.  We are giving women hormone placement.  Nothing less.  Now that’s something to really think about and let roll about a bit.


Be empowered in your birth.  Educate!

In Peace,

P.S. I almost forgot…..Just have your baby at home.

“The question I’d like to explore in this article is not whether induction with Pitocin is sometimes necessary – which I believe it is – but whether the frequency of its use today in hospital birth is justified. “
“Pitocin is a synthetic version of Oxytocin, a hormone naturally created in the body. Oxytocin is released naturally during kissing, intercourse, and birth. It reduces the stress hormone known as Cortisol and assists the mother in bonding with her baby. Oxytocin also helps stimulate lactation. Using pitocin reduces the body’s production of Oxytocin. This can create difficulties with the bonding and breastfeeding process after birth.”