LivingMom Apothecaries With or Without Placenta Encapsulation

L i v i n g M o m¬†ūüĆŅ A p o t h e c a r i e s Did ya‚Äôll know that all my proprietary herbal blends that are added to‚Ķ

Treating Jaundice Naturally

I had a placenta encapsulation¬†client recently in need of how to help her baby¬†with jaundice. Here it is, guys. 1ÔłŹ‚É£st-‚Ķ

The Emily Effect-Postpartum Depression If you haven't heard about this, you need to! It's beyond heartbreaking! You can read the…

Birth or ANY Trauma (for that matter): It CAN Be Healed

Trauma is a subject you'll find I talk a lot about on here.  Birth trauma can set the stage for how we choose to…

Healing Fears Women Have With Childbirth

I wanted to discuss the article called "Top Fears Women Have With Childbirth" and put my 2 bits into it.  I‚Ķ

Support Sergei’s Green Smoothie Documentary

img The video below looks SUPER fun and like something I think everyone should support!  I still remember‚Ķ

Just Encapsulate Your Placenta: More Reasons WHY!

You will find regular posts on my site about placenta encapsulation.  That's because I think it pretty much ROCKS‚Ķ

How to Make Home Made Vitamin Water with Coconut Kefir

"Make your own vitamin water. Add fruits instead of sugar for a natural sweetener Cut the fruit into paper-thin slices…

Reminder: Kale Chip Class TOMORROW NIGHT! Read Below

Just a reminder about tomorrow's class!!  Here's some preview pictures of the kale chips I've been making! This‚Ķ

Raw Kale Chips Class~ Jan. 29th @ 7 pm

I'm so EXCITED to teach how to make raw kale chips! Please pass this info along if you know others who might be…

Fatness Is Predisposed In Utero

So just another article that delves into the world of pregnancy and nutrition, my 2 LOVES!  I'm excited to think‚Ķ

Study Shows Premature Babies Feel Pain From Procedures

So babies do feel!  And they don't have to be premature to do so! Again, a common theme I talk about OVER and OVER‚Ķ

Whapio’s Words On ‘The Holistic Stages of Labor’

Below is one of the more BEAUTIFUL articles I've read.  I had to share it with all of you.  I harken with‚Ķ

Doctors Say Newborns Only Feel Pain In Birth

You know, I'm just gonna say it how I see it here....Modern technology is PRETTY damn AMAZING especially when it comes…

Oxytocin vs Adrenaline-Love vs Fear

I absolutely ADORE Marianne's "Spiritual Birth" website.  Her insights and information are WONDERFUL!  I also‚Ķ