I am a Livingmom


A natural birth experience optimizes a woman’s joy and well-being as the culmination of an empowered pregnancy.

For Rachel, giving birth to new human life is not a medical procedure nor a medically treatable phenomenon. Rather, it is a natural and normal physiological event that a woman is innately equipped to safely and confidently manage.  The healthiest, joyfullest  and most long-term benefits pregnancy and birth accrue to mom and baby through an trained and educated mom having a normal natural birth. LivingMom can help.

Homebirth is not for every woman, but every woman should be cognizant of her preferences and choices concerning how and where to deliver her baby and be firm in claiming her right to self-determination.

Childbirth may not occur exactly according to plan. However, by understanding this possibility and fully educating herself before and during pregnancy, a woman can accept and be confident in whatever takes place. Rachel’s wish for all women is that they understand the creative power within themselves and feel joy in taking control of their circumstances and having the beautiful childbirth experience they desire. Accordingly, consistent preparation is essential for the ideal birthing experience.