So…..we had a baby!!! Our sweet little Mabel was born in water on Saturday, June 28th at 1:48 pm. I am calling this post part 1 of 2 because this post will not tell my birth story. Instead I am posting some pictures of the last week or 2 of my pregnancy. For those who don’t know, I have had 2 bowel surgeries so the long dark scar on my belly is from those. The last pictures where I am wearing the red shirt is actually me in labor.

I will come back and post the birth story within the next few days, along with how my Full Moon Ceremony and Native American Blessinway went. Both were AMAZING and am really excited to share the stories with everyone. In the next post, I will post pictures of me in labor and after. Thanks to all my friends and loved ones who have been sending up prayers and thoughts my way. It was IMMENSE help and I could feel so much love throughout the whole process of later pregnancy and birth.