Placenta Encapsulation &
Natural Hormone Therapy

Why Placenta Encapsulation?

Our proprietary blend of herbs supports and supplements the body’s return to balance.

Since the beginning of my midwifery apprenticeship, I have been fascinated by the placenta. It wasn’t until I was practicing as a midwife that I fully realized the gift a placenta brings to moms, babies and families.

Hormone Production

During pregnancy, the placenta takes over production of critical hormones like progesterone and estrogen. After birth, hormone production returns to the ovaries, pituitary and pineal glands.

Hormone Imbalance

Within days after birth, hormone levels drop precipitously, taking 6 to 12 weeks for hormones to normalize and causing some women to suffer postpartum depression.

Hormone Rejuvenation

Returning a woman's hormones to her body can naturally alleviate this hormonal deficiency, creating HUGE improvements in overall health and well being.

Client Feedback Shows Our Products Can:

  • Increase milk secretion and supply
  • Enhance and elevate mood
  • Quicken postpartum healing
  • Increase iron stores
  • Decrease postpartum depression
  • Tone liver and kidneys
  • Increase energy
  • Promote healthy lactation
  • Quicken uterine shrinkage
  • Decreased anxiety and worry
  • Increase normal sleep patterns
  • Quicken feeling “normal” after delivery
  • Enhance mom, baby and family bonding
  • Reduce postpartum bleeding
  • Enhance overall psychological well being

LivingMom's Revolutionary Encapsulation

I have recently developed a revolutionary process. LivingMom placentas typically retain over 97% of their nutritional value. Other processors don’t come close. LivingMom continues to lead the way in placenta encapsulation! Learn more about my proprietary encapsulation process and herbal blends here.

Living Mom Placents

Dehydrated Placenta

Proprietary Pharmaceutical Grade Preparation of the Placenta

My proprietary pharmaceutical grade placenta preparation causes little to no damage to the nutritional value especially when compared to other methods of processing that use higher temperatures such as dehydration. My process doesn’t shrink or toughen the tissue nor do we add preservatives. The process basically yields twice as much volume or number of pills with a higher nutritional value than any other provider. Nursing mom’s and their babies get up to twice (virtually all) the value of the rich materials your body has already made.

There are three things that cause organic material to deteriorate: heat, water and oxygen. Our process quickly removes all the water at ultra-low heat (ULT) and can be shipped in an oxygen proof container with an oxygen absorber to render the natural decay process null and void over the time frame that the material is designed to be ingested. This ideal processing extends longevity for use of the product for months after packaging. Benefits can include use for first menstruation, low iron levels, or assistance in future conception and pregnancy.

Proprietary Placenta Herbal Blends

As a nutritional herbologist, I found a heightened effectiveness for physical/emotional healing by offering 6 proprietary herbal formulas to the placenta encapsulation pills. Each Mama has her own unique postpartum problems. To make sure the majority of potential specific problems are combated, I’ve targeted key issues that have been relayed to me by my clients. Below are just a few of the herbs I add and how they work for healing.

It’s important to remember that how well we are eating and taking care of ourselves will effect what actually goes into your placenta. The healthier your diet and lifestyle….the healthier your placentas and the greater benefits you receive. To learn more about what I believe to be a healthy diet, you can go to my RAW FOODS page. I teach classes regularly so please check back to attend one locally or find one taught online.

Marshmallow Herb

Aids in rebuilding tissue by increasing moisture content on skin tissues which can improve the healing processes.


One of my ALL time FAVORITE herbs, works as a cell proliferate which can increase healing. It has also been known to reduce inflammation and regulate bleeding.

Black Cohosh

Used for centuries to help the uterus contract. Its use in the postpartum period aids the uterus in returning to its normal size quicker. It also acts as a anti-inflammatory and can have mild sedative effects that help Mom relax and feel calm.

Oak Bark

Helps to strengthen blood vessels and tighten tissues. Historically it has been used to treat wounds and fight bacterial and viral infections.

Black Walnut Creek

Used historically as a parasitic that helps boost the immune system while increase healing more rapidly. It is a plant that fights bacteria and viruses before they take hold of the system. I personally take this herb weekly to prevent colds and flus.

Squaw Vine

Used for years by Native Americans during menstruation, conception, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. It aids in hormonal regulation and can increase milk supply.