A new CBS report sites recent research on the safety of placenta encapsulation for your newborn. In order to fully grasp the importance of this current scientific research, we must go back a year when the CDC decided to come out with an article claiming placenta encapsulation as the cause for GBS infection in a newborn. The article used big medical words and terminology which the lay person would might not fully understand, along with the use of very little actual data claiming a newborn had caught GBS by his mother ingesting her placenta pills. I won’t go into great detail on this particular article.  Though I did personally call the CDC on, at least 2-3 occasions requesting to speak to the author of the article without any return phone calls or response. My opinion is the article is flawed and makes no has no substantial evidence that the GBS was caused by the placenta pills. In fact, my clinical data and discussions with many doctors and others in the medical profession, the real culprit was an antibiotic resistance which caused the second bout of infection. 

Irrespective, of that article, this new report has actual research and data findings proving placenta encapsulation is safe for newborn babies. They article states, “Researchers at Oregon State University, UNLV, and UC Davis have concluded that women who consume placenta, usually in pill form after delivery, were not increasing the risk of infection while breastfeeding their child. The study also claims that ingesting the placenta may help relieve postpartum depression in women.” 

This is beyond exciting news! There is very little research that has been performed on mothers regarding placenta encapsulation. Despite all the research and testing that still needs to be done, this is a step in the right direction. My 10 years experience of encapsulating placentas for Moms has only shown the phenomenal benefits they are receiving. After encapsulating almost 1,000 placentas, I can confidently say LivingMom Placenta Encapsulation Services has not seen one risk for moms or babies. Quite the opposite actually!

My clients state they are happier, feel more peace, are less irritable, have more energy and carry an overall healthy sense of well being they haven’t received in other postpartum experiences. Often, I’m getting texts or emails thanking for me how wonderfully they are feeling and how they had no idea they could feel so GOOD! In part, I think this is because of the herbal blends I add to target specific issues they might have. Placenta encapsulation, on its own, can be promising but every woman is unique and all woman aren’t dealing with the same postpartum problems. That’s what makes the LivingMom herbal blends that can be added to your placenta so special. Each mother can individualize her order and pick which blends she thinks would give the highest results for their particular need. 

Placenta encapsulation does provide natural hormonal therapy. It only takes logic to understand the processes that take place during pregnancy to provide all the hormonally and nutritionally rich placenta with everything it needs to supply to a mother during a potentially stressful, overwhelming postpartum experience. Sure, there are a few mammals that don’t eat their placentas after delivery but they are few and far between.

Placenta encapsulation is one the BEST gifts a postpartum mom can give herself and her family. The high levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, stimulate healthy bonding between mother, baby and family. Not only that but everyone knows that when a mom is happy, everyone is happy! A mother’s peace of mind can change the whole dynamic of the postpartum experience for her whole family.

I’m really excited about this recent research and report. This is just a drop in the bucket showing how beneficial placenta encapsulation can really be!