I wanted to discuss the article called “Top Fears Women Have With Childbirth” and put my 2 bits into it.  I have discussed fear many times.  Click on the links below to read a few articles that I’ve written on the subject.  I believe fears are a HUGE factor as to how your birth experience takes place and exactly what happens.

Fear is truly the determinant as to whether your birth is horrible or even better, a beautiful blissful experience.  Just like the photo above states, when women release fears and phobias surrounding birth they move out of their comfort zone.  Once that movement takes place, they really can find “where the magic happens” in birth.  Their whole perspectives can and do change once they feel safe within themselves, as pregnant women, and in the birth experience.

Click on the link below to read an excellent article on fears women carry in childbirth.  I have posted below some of my comments to the article.  The article is great, in and of itself, but I wanted to add my own perspectives because I’m they will create more of a thoughtfulness before making a concrete decision on how you might like your birth to do.

Let me know what you think.  My hope is that women will reclaim their bodies and the birth process and know they, ultimately, are the ones in control and their feelings, beliefs, opinions and perspectives do matter.

In Peace,

Top Fears Women Have With Childbirth

  • A fear of not making it to the hospital in time or arriving too early in labor.
Hopefully you have already discussed with your care provider what active labor looks like.  This should be talked about WAY BEFORE labor begins.  Google active labor and know the signs. Also, hire a doula! She has been educated on normal birth processes and should have enough experience to know when is the right time for you to head to the hospital or call the midwife.  If choosing to deliver in the hospital, but hoping for a natural birth, staying home as LONG as possible can make a big difference as to what your birth will look like.  Going to the hospital too soon can create more inventions that can potentially create problems on their own.  
  • A fear your doctor or midwife may not be available when labor starts and you end up with someone different.
I wholly agree that knowing all the care providers that could be at your birth will definitely help with fears.  You might want to even consider finding a practice with fewer options for care providers.  By choosing a home birth, most midwives merely partner together.  So, meeting and knowing only 2 people very comfortably can be an actual possibility.  And yes, make sure your provider will and is available for your birth.  
  • A fear your birth plan will not be taken seriously or totally disregarded.
Great advice and a HUGE MUST for creating the birth you want in a hospital is putting together a birth plan.  When you choose to birth at home, your situation will most likely be VERY different.  Most home birth midwives already have a very natural and holistic approach to birth.  Which means there is no fighting or being torn away from labor (which is so hard in and of itself), that your birth experience can inherently be EXACTLY what you wanted without even having to bat an eye for it.  
  • A fear of feeling unbearable pain.
Childbirth classes can really help release and remove many fears in regards to labor and birth.  I highly recommend them.  I think courses which discuss ALL the aspects of labor and birth instead of just some, can really aid in your understanding and education of the birth process.  And in this situation, the MORE you know really does matter.  You can read more about my childbirth classes at LIVINGMOM CHILDBIRTH EDUCATION.
Hypnobabies has been quite the lifesaver for many of my clients.  I have found it to be very effective in helping with relaxation and finding comfort within your body and the sensations of labor and birth.  I like what she states about the victim feeling, hence the reason I believe looking at fears and doing consistent emotional work during pregnancy can REALLY help a women create the birth experience she wants.  You can read more about the emotional work at my EMOTIONAL HEALING page.  
  • A fear of being confined to a hospital bed unable to stand or walk.
She’s right on here! Home birth really is an safe, healthy option when you just want what you want in your birth environment. 
  • A fear of having accidental body function such as urination, bowel movement or vomiting.
I have found that my clients who work through the fears of pain or other issues while pushing find that A) Either they don’t experience either problem during birth or B) Those things no longer bother them nor are they afraid of it, so if it does happen it’s really no big deal.  
  • A fear of the umbilical cord being around the neck of the baby.
I have worked with women who have had cords around the babies neck in an ultrasound only to have their baby born without a nuchal cord.  They worked hard to help their baby feel safe and at peace while in the womb.  This, they believe, helped remove the cord.  I know it sounds a bit different but if I hadn’t seen it, I might not believe it myself. 
  •  A fear of receiving interventions that will lead to fetal distress.
Another reason to consider homebirth. 
  • A fear of death of the baby during labor and birth.
I cannot reiterate enough the vital importance of a Mom working through any and all her fears surrounding her current life experience and her own birth experience.  Those these fears above can be seen as very “normal”, they don’t have to be present within a birthing women’s psyche.  I have seen women after women enter the birth environment only feeling peace, comfort, joy and bliss BECAUSE they faced their fears BEFORE their birth which then helped to stimulate a GLORIOUS birth experience.  One in which they helped shape and create by taking responsibility for themselves, their pregnancy, birth and life thereafter.  
Charlotte Sanchez (CPM) is a Certified Professional Midwife and
Childbirth Educator of over 20 years.