I just recently returned from a trip to Colorado to visit my sister and to wait for the delivery of her son Grant.  I absolutely adore in EVERY way watching and being part of my little sister’s birth experiences.

I find it interesting that, though I love all my mama’s I work with very much, I found I carried a bit of a worry at my sister’s birth.  This is not the norm for me.  I did not worry because I felt, in the least, anything might go wrong.  But instead, my worry was carried by the love I have for her.  To watch someone you love, as much as I love my Kimmy, go through the process of pregnancy and birth, brought tears to my eyes because of the love that overflowed from my heart.

With her first pregnancy and birth, she did quite a bit of preparation.  (How could she not?  She has an annoying midwife for a sister who was always bugging her about how to prepare.)  She ate VERY well in both of her pregnancies.  She exercised and even prepared her body BEFORE conceiving.  She worked on emotional issues, though she struggled a bit to do so. 

When labor finally hit, after 2 weeks overdue, it was long and much harder than expected.  Labor lasted about 18 hours or more.  Kim stayed at 8 cm for over 7+ hours.  It was very arduous and overwhelming for her.  Once it was finally time to push her sweet daughter, Jane out, some of her fears stepped in the way and her baby sat in a crowning position for 45 minutes before finally being born.

I was so excited and anxious for Kim to have a different experience with her second pregnancy and birth.  She, again, took care of herself extremely well.  The only big difference with this pregnancy was that she understood more deeply how to take the opportunity of pregnancy to release any and all emotional issues that might not have been cleared from the previous pregnancy and birth experience.  
Let me just say, she was AMAZING!!!  When labor finally started after only being a week overdue this time, she was relaxed, open and ready for it.  She felt fully prepared and even accepted that birth itself might bring up more anxieties and fears but she was ready for the challenge and found peace in it.  Something that had been hard for her to experience and relax into in her 1st birth.
Labor and birth lasted only 5 hours long.  It was short, quick, peaceful and IMMENSELY blissful.  She concentrated on loving her baby by talking to him throughout the whole birth experience. Telling him how good he was doing and how WONDERFULLY excited was she to see him.  I was in awe of my dear baby sis showing such courage and strength in the face something that can be so intense and even overwhelming at times.
She listened to her hypnobabies.  She cried.  She laughed.  She completely opened herself to the sensations, the feelings and whole of the experience.  When it was finally time for her to bring her son into the world, it was only 2 pushes.  Then her and her sweet husband, Jeff, reached down and brought their baby boy to Kim’s chest.  We cried some more as we watched the glorious entrance of a new life.  Kim softly spoke to him telling him how much she loved him and how happy she was he had finally come.

I was and am honored to be part of any birth.  To be in the presence of 2 worlds colliding where every single time……my breath is taken away.  To watch women enter their own selves and listen and heed the guidance of their own knowing, along with babies who hear the symphonies call, is something you can put no words to.  Nor should you.  Inspiring. 

Thank you, Kim and Jeff.  Thank you for letting me come and cry.  Thank you for letting me share your home and feel the love each of you have for each other.  Thank you for all of it!  I will miss my Jane…..and wait patiently till I can see you all again.

In Peace,