How many times in our speaking to others do we feel the need the tell them the “truth” and exactly how we feel even if it is going to hurt them? I know in my life I have done this SO many times feeling it will benefit the person in some way and help them to change. As I am reading my “Kriya Yoga” book, I am learning this truly is not the way to treat people. It says:

“It is only establishes in intellectual truthfulness that you will be able to speak truth. Yogis are constantly reminding each other that what they speak should be spoken for the betterment of others. The Mahabharata states, it is good to speak truthfully, but better still to speak that which benefits others. The importance of this statement is emphasized in the fact that many people are compelled to speak what is truth, but do so with intentions to hurt. This statement helps us realize that there are many truths that can be spoken, but if we are truly practicing the vow of verbal truthfulness, we will speak a single truth that does the greatest good for the greatest number of people.”

I am given the opportunity to change myself. In the process of changing myself, I am blessed with the opportunity to help others do the same. We ALL are. As we are on this path, let us think before we speak. Let the words be filled with LOVE not with intention to change that person. This is called judgment. With judgment intake toward to others, we are taking the “slow boat to China” in our progression. As we speak truth with LOVE and PURE INTENT, it will be heard with open, inspired ears. Our words are the key to opening the doors of CHANGE!