So….I got back from Vegas on Monday evening. Just in time for our FUN little group we attend. The rest of the week has seemed to be NON stop for me. I am noticing that even though I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER, I still function at a slightly slower pace than I did before pregnancy. I figure I am somewhere in the 15-16 week arena. About a week or so ago, I noticed I was starting to feel better but this week has seemed to be noticeably better. I still NEVER feel hungry. The nausea usually kicks in a bit to tell me it is time to eat. It is still so mild compared to a few weeks ago! Can I just express my gratitude for being in this place? Oh my goodness, it is so lovely!! God and Mother love me!

I have been busy with my AMAZING kids! Trying to get back on track with schooling and such. I went and got a family membership to the local recreation center here in Provo. I was initially excited at the thought of taking water aerobics during this pregnancy. Plus, my kids are EXTREMELY hyperactive (I am sure NO ONE else has children like this) and I was racking my brain trying to think of something that would exude large amounts of energy, aside from our daily walks in the cold. It worked like a charm. The pool is open for 2 hours in the evening and that night they actually went to bed early and fell asleep immediately. Something that is VERY rare in our home. Another blessing that has taken place this week!! AWESOME!!

The only down fall after taking my kids to the pool, in regards to the water aerobics for me, is ALL the LARGE quantities of chlorine in the pool. My goodness, you can smell it as soon as you enter the pool area. It has always bothered me too that as soon as my kids are in the pool for longer than 10 minutes their eyes turn bright red. As a kid, I swam ALL the time and LOVED it!! I am throwing out to the universe that maybe I will find someone or someplace where salt water is used instead of the chlorine. I am not a big fan of salt water either but…..I have heard so many better things about them. My kids have swam in pools with salt water and receive no where near the same effects as the chlorine pools. So, sadly I think I am going to put off water aerobics. I did borrow a pre-natal Yoga video from my dear sister in law which I am excited about. I will keep you posted as to how I like it. She says it’s a GREAT workout which I am desperately needing right now. I was a pretty big exercise fiend before this pregnancy so now that I am feeling better, I need to move!!
I have been taking walks with my kids in the cold. I LOVE IT!! We walk to their tutors house which isn’t very far away but far enough that it is a pretty good work out. In the Birth As We Know It video, woman are sitting in the snow in bikini’s nursing their babies. CRAZY right? I realized though, the longer I spend outside really moving my body, the warmer and warmer I get. SO NICE!! My kids seem to deal with the cold MUCH better than I do, which is interesting to me. They seem to really enjoy playing in the cold with not much on. They will wear a the normal winter gear but…..other than that they don’t like all the bulk. They run and play and kick the snow and grab and throw it, no problem. I believe Dr. Christopher’s and so many other teachers theories on the cold really boosting our immune systems. I think I have mentioned this before. Oh well. Just another perspective on the same subject.
I have gotten some pretty interesting emails today. I thought I would share a couple of them. The first video is a trailer to a book called The Shock Doctrine. If you choose to watch the video and browse the site, please be warned that the trailer is a bit disturbing. I usually try not to share information of this manner just because it seems a bit scary, well for me anyway. I decided to share it with the hopes that it might inform others about what takes place in order to control and demean whole societies of people. There are obvious ways in which we can surely see how individuals are being brainwashed into believing false ideas because of fear tactics. This takes that idea and expounds it quite a bit and makes the idea much more broad. I have found that the more I know and educate myself in regards to certain subject matter, most of the time, fear then subsides and I can move into a space of understanding, presence of mind, and peace. My hope with sharing this is that this takes place for others also.
Another GREAT email I received is in regards to vaccinations. The header of the email says “Merk drug company vaccines admits injecting cancer viruses. This stunning censored interview conducted by medical historian Edward Shorter for WGBH public television (Boston) and Blackwell Science was cut from The Health Century due to its huge liability–the admission that Merck drug company vaccines have traditionally been injecting cancer viruses (SV40 and others) in people worldwide.This segment of In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism, produced and freely contributed by consumer protector and public health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, features the world’s leading vaccine expert, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who explains why Merck’s vaccines have spread AIDS, leukemia, and other horrific plagues worldwide.”
Please know that I feel very strongly that vaccinations need to be a prayerful, inspired choice by each individual parents. I do not fault or even judge others in anyway who might choose to vaccinate their children. Again, this is just something that I feel others should be educated about and make a decision based on reviewing both sides. I would never recommend or even think that anyone should make a choice of this magnitude without researching ALL information on the subject that they can get their hands on. I feel so blessed to live in a state where this freedom to choose is still my right and pray that will NEVER change.
You can find the link for the video HERE!!
Again lastly, the diet is still the same. I have tried a few slightly cooked items here and there but…..still feeling the BEST when I eat raw. I did eat a sprouted wheat tortilla pizza last night that was DELISH!! I made some fresh, vegan pesto. I go to the local Asian market and buy the fresh basil for REALLY cheap! I didn’t have any pine nuts either so I used cashews. It is still so good. The cashews tend it give it a bit more sweet flavor. I put that on my pizza with some raw olives, red bell peppers, onions, zucchini, spinach, tomatoes, and pineapple. Roll in it and your eating such GOODNESS! Well, that’s what I think anyway. It has been extra joyous for me to say my little prayer of gratitude for all the living foods before I eat them. Just a short but sweet prayer of thankfulness for all things God has granted all of us! Loads of light and love then bring goodness to my heart and gladness to my soul!! Try it!! You’ll be skipping too!
Abundant peace to all,