Let’s discuss unassisted birth today….or FREE BIRTH as many people are calling it.  I happen to be a midwife who actually SUPPORTS unassisted childbirth under the right circumstances. Yes, you read that right!  I believe in a women’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE how, when and where she delivers HER baby.  Wow, in our day and age it’s such a strange concept to let a women take ALL the responsibility and ALL of HER baby that she created WITHOUT the help of a professional. (Are you staring to really feel my passion on the subject?)

Birth is about PARENTS….mothers and fathers and babies.  Not doctors or midwives.  For some reason, we’ve got it all backwards.  We think that without doctors and midwives that birth can’t or won’t or shouldn’t happen the way it’s supposed to.  Yeah, that’s totally wrong.  I could go down the list of births which I have attended where I did almost NOTHING but help Mom and Dad catch their baby.

Now, I’m not an idiot either.  I know complications in birth can and do happen. But….just like Gregory J. Whits states in his book “Emergency Childbirth” any 8 year old child can deliver a baby.  I actually believe what he says.  We have put SO MUCH FEAR into childbirth that we’ve convinced women their bodies and their babies are ill equipped to know how to deliver a child.  This could be FARTHER from the truth.

I’m not saying either that pregnancy and childbirth doesn’t have it’s potential complications and problems.  But, I believe when a women is taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for herself, her conception, her pregnancy and her birth, complications are much less likely.  Why do I say that, you ask?  Because when a women feels that what happens in her pregnancy and birth is completely up to her, her perspectives of the experience and how to care for it completely change.

Laura Shanley discusses her experiences and the experiences of other women in her book…..UNASSISTED CHILDBIRTH…..and how preparation and education can create a wonderful and safe birth environment and experience.  Below is a video with her explaining WHY unassisted childbirth can be safe and right for certain mothers and families.

As Laura states above,  FEAR is the prime issue when it comes to having the birth experience you hope for.  Fear stymies all the bodies processes from functioning appropriately and as they should. Removing the old beliefs and thought patterns of fear can truly create a pain free and blissful birth experience.
Below is an article which discusses unassisted childbirth and the perspective of doctors on the subject…..which, of course, are negative. But how women ar still choosing to listen to their intuition, their bodies and their babies.
“But when the Calgary woman decided to have her next two children at home, without the assistance of a doctor or midwife, her own mother told her a hospital is the best place to have a baby.”

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