Geez whiz, does it seem forever since I have posted? I would say so!! This weekend has been a busy one but full of excitement and FUN!! First, on Friday I went to a Suturing Class that the Midwives College of Utah was offering. I LOVE when they hold their bi-yearly conference. They have AMAZING teachers come and they are all so interesting and chalk FULL of really neat things to learn about. The teacher for our suturing class was a woman who I had taken classes from before. Her name is Sonia Ochea and I LOVE her. She keeps your attention by making it hands on and SO interesting!! I am grateful for the suturing class because I feel I can use the skills for other than suturing a woman after delivering a child.

Friday evening I was blessed with the opportunity to go to the Living Cuisine Cafe and spent the rest of the night helping Omar in his kitchen. I absolutely LOVE Omar! He permeates LOVE and LIGHT! He is doing with his life what makes him feel he is connecting and being part of everything and everyone around him. Because of my jaw pain, he made me some of his Broccoli soup with avocados and tomatoes. Oh my goodness, I could not believe how good it was and to be honest, I feel I make pretty darn good food! For those of you who haven’t tried his food yet, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you do!! I have been to several raw food restaurants around the nation and I do believe his is BY FAR the most HEAVENLY and DELICIOUS! He truly does put all his love into his food. You can feel it when you eat it. It was GREAT FUN to chat and laugh with him and just get to know him a bit better. We are hoping to teach a class together soon. Won’t that be FUN?

Then on Saturday, I took a NRP class which stands for Neonatal Resuscitation. The class was taught by a OUTSTANDING teacher named Karen Strange. This class was SO MUCH MORE than just a class about resuscitating a baby. She brought into it so many other thought provoking and emotionally stimulating ideas. She taught us up to date and current studies that had been done in regards to birth. They showed the emotional and spiritual side of aiding and helping a newborn infant enter this world along with what we could do physically if the infant was struggling with it’s first breaths of life. The ideas and concepts that she taught were not new to me but were delivered in such a way that I felt I understood myself and my laboring mom and babies MUCH better. Her class really was just a BLAST!! It was worth EVERY dime I spent. I can’t wait til I can take it again.

While I was gone on Friday, Chris called me and told me he really needed to find some answers. He, just like me, has been struggling with internal issues that he felt he were strong enough to take time out of everyday life to look at. I LOVE my husband!! Can I just tell you I married the most GIVING and LOVING man on the face of the planet? I was and am in awe at the responsibility he takes in his life to look at himself honestly and openly just so he can connect with me and the Divine Source within him. WOW!!! So…he decided to go up to the mountain with our Medicine Man, James Mooney! He had an AMAZINGLY spiritual experience and came back renewed with life and love. This has helped me immensely to be able to really dig deep and look at myself and stop blaming him for my problems. With his heart so soft toward me, I could no longer resist his loving embrace and persistent nurturing. I am HONORED to be his wife and soul mate. By the way, TODAY is my dear hubbies birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE YOU!! Thank you for sticking it through it all and bearing my pain right along with me.
Finally, last night our other Medicine Man, David Hamblin, came to our house and spoke about his book “The Righteous Branch.” Again, another uplifting and VERY meaningful night. Everyone who came LOVED it!! We all shared our NUTRITIOUS and SCRUMPTIOUS food with each other as David spoke of his spiritual insights and how he came about writing his book. Like I have said in the past, his book teaches some VERY profound truths! I would hope others who are seeking light and knowledge in their lives, take the opportunity to read it and see for yourself. I LOVE David!! I feel so blessed to know ASTOUNDING people! I really do know the COOLEST people in the world. That includes all my dear friends and LOVED ones reading this. God has led me down a path where I have the good fortune to meet others who have a desire to connect and be present with others. We all are LOVED!
This weekend has brought hope, understanding, compassion, mercy, humility, and charity. I cannot believe how much a person can learn in such a short amount of time. I feel I am learning everyday but this weekend was one of these spiritual highs where you feel you are learning quicker than at any other time. It is SO TOTALLY cool! The coolest thing that happened was last night I at a TON of romaine lettuce and was able to chew it. I actually started crying because I was able to dip in it my Creamy Cheese Sauce and it tasted so WONDERFUL! I was in such a place of gratitude and LOVE that I knew it was a gift from God to let me know I was LOVED and he recognized my efforts. You guys, I can’t even describe the feelings of love I felt. I wish you all could feel it too. I am sure you have at some point in your own lives but my heart still fills full of WARMTH and SOFTNESS toward myself and all those about me.
So… as you can see the food thing has changed a bit over the last couple of days because of the craziness of life. I have eaten some fat and LOVED it. I will tell you if you really want to appreciate your food, go without salt and fat for awhile. When you incorporate it again or just eat it periodically like I do, your heart bursts with gratitude for all the SENSUOUS flavors and smells that taste so GOOD! I am just as grateful for my green soup but my gratitude comes more from the way it makes me feel! Example would be like I am right now living on about 2-3 hours of sleep because my sister went into labor last night and I have yet to sleep. I FEEL GREAT!! I feel no different than if I had slept a full 8-9 hours. I am LOVING LIFE!! I am going to enjoy it and bask in it while I feel it. I know it won’t stay forever and I will have more to work on but I find life is MUCH easier when my heart stays full of gratitude and peace!
I won’t be able to write everything I have been eating but here is what I ate today.
Monday, June 11th:
2+ quarts green smoothie
2 bananas
1 mango
1+ quart green soup
1 Tbsp. Fiesta Ranch I dipped romaine lettuce in it. YUM-O!!
I hope everyone had a heart felt weekend like I did. I am excited to go to group tonight. I will post what I learn and if I process or not. OOOHHH, I am so giddy. I will hopefully soon, but you never know with me, be posting pics of my sweat lodge and the leaves that are growing and taking shape. It is AWESOME!!! You all will be so jealous!
Abundant peace to all,