Sperm swimming in the direction of the egg cell
Sperm swimming in the direction of the egg cell

Just found a GREAT article on Dr. Mercola’s site.  Though I’m not a big fan of his stuff, necessarily……I thought I’d pass along his article as most of the information really is educational and worth reading.

“Children’s health and full potential are being limited before their lives have begun, starting in the womb and continuing through birth and the early years.”
Knowledge and understanding of how to prepare for a new life can make a HUGE impact, not only on your baby but on FUTURE generations as well.  As discussed in a earlier post, shown below, the study of epigenetics is now showing exactly HOW it does effect future generations.  Read below.

Education BEFORE conception can be vital for the health and well being of your baby.  By taking care of your body thru making healthy lifestyle choices and by taking care of stresses and past wounding, a mom can truly prepare herself for conception.  Preparation is a MUST as to not pass onto baby all our ill health or unwanted emotional baggage.

Lastly, a man having a baby! Well, he’s not really having a baby, of course, but it shows is experience with a simulated process of what labor might feel or be like for a man.  Watch and have a good laugh!

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