This REALLY is what birth is meant to be! I promise….Nothing less.  To believe otherwise is a lie we are telling ourselves.  I have a dear friend, pregnant with twins, close to delivery.  I just can’t stop thinking about her and how much preparation she’s put into her pregnancy and creation of a positive birth experience.

She came to me just wanting to have a home birth, unknowing of the 2 babies in her belly.  Once the ultrasound showed the gifts she’d been given, she held true to her original inspiration of a home birth.  She’s not afraid.  She’s not worried.  She’s not anxious.  She’s at PEACE!  She believes and most importantly TRUSTS in herself, her body and her babies.  She’s eaten HIGHLY nutritive, organic foods her WHOLE pregnancy.  She has moved her body and healed emotions in her Bikrams Yoga class and is still going strong at 39 weeks pregnant.  She is listens to herself, her body and her babies on what is BEST each and everyday for their ideal health and well being. 

At about 30 weeks, she sent me the above video.  She shared with me how she hopes and prayers her birth will be as BLISSFUL, as uneventful, as gentle as this.  I believe birth is a creative process between Moms, Dads, babies and the Divine source.  In pregnancy, our creative forces connect with the creative forces outside of ourselves.  I believe the energy that surrounds us ties itself to us and clings to what we long for in our pregnancy and birth experience.  When fears, doubts, anxieties, and tensions are in the way….they can effect the birth environment.  When we relax, open and engage fully in the birth scene, our spirit body and physical body then opens to all kinds of possibilities.

What makes birth so EXCITING is we are dealing with the mysterious, the unknown.  There are no guarantees when it comes to birth.  But the GREAT news is that clinical research is now showing that the way a woman feels about her body, her baby, and giving birth ALL effect the way she gives birth.  When she is at peace in the intensity of birth, when she feels confident, when she retains this space within herself that says YES…YES…YES, I can and am doing this…her WHOLE system meets that call.

I know…I’m weird but I’m okay with that.  I’ve seen one too many times miracles take place in birth that feed my soul with hope for humanity.  I believe LOVE truly does conquer ALL!  The world of conception, pregnancy and birth has MUCH to conquer to aid in ECSTATIC birth experiences.

Women are now realizing this and taking responsibility for it.  They are educating themselves, they are talking, singing and deeply connecting to their babies BEFORE birth.  They are situating their lives to be filled with the needed support and encouragement to enjoy all aspects of the pregnancy and birth process.  I must admit, I am in AWE of the women I am blessed to work with.  Such strength, courage and perseverance!

Please send all your WONDERFUL prayers, good vibes, and thoughts our way!  I believe all the ADORATION and SUPPORT we can shower on any pregnant women only helps her find and hold tight to the POWERFUL being she really is!

In Peace,