Here is my Sentient Family. These are the BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, GIFTED, and INSPIRING people that I was blessed with the opportunity to spend 10 days with. I’m not going to go into detail about my experience here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you watch this LINK to the video that was put together summing up our experiences. I LOVE IT! My dear friend ECO has touched my heart with it! Tears are brought to my eyes as I remember the experience and what I learned and what growth took place for me. TRULY LIFE CHANGING!! For those of you wanting to know more about the change I received, please feel free to call. I will do my best to try and use words to express my feelings but I am finding it is quite hard. Especially when you add my recent car accident to the whole mix. WHOA! As I said before…what a ride over this last month. Moving out of a space of SO MANY habitual patterns that are NO longer serving me! Seeing them SO CLEARLY and just moving through them with SIMPLICITY and SERENITY!
Below are more pictures of me. I am planning on practicing and putting into full force the processes I learned. Right now, I am asking for those interested in being practiced on to contact me asap. I will work with any willing person for no donation. Because I have been working in this field for awhile, I do feel pretty confident about the processes but would still like to tap in a bit more and feel more at ease and comfortable with it before I take it to the level I desire. So just call or email me and we can set a time to go to work together. I think these processes can and do work for ANYONE and are so GENTLE yet POWERFUL at getting people to the place they need to move the trauma energy quickly and effectively.
Lastly, I would state here that if any of you find yourself seeking a change that is lasting….please don’t pass up the chance to go to one of Elena’s BIB workshop. My husband is planning on going to her one in Oregon in May. I can promise that the person who enters that space and the person who leaves it will be to COMPLETELY different people. As stated in the video, you can see the light that has entered the eyes of EVERY single person there.
Abundant Peace to All,
P.S. Yes…I do have yarn in my hair. I LOVED IT and was VERY sad when we took it out. I could not properly take care of it without use of both my hands. It was part of my physical transformation to go along with my spiritual one.
P.P.S. Our cameras were broken in the car so these pictures are one that were posted by other people. We were VERY sad but still grateful that we have others photos! Thank you!
Here is my LOVELY friend Matthew, holding Mabel as you see on some of the other babies on Elena’s site. Her teacher, Igor, taught that it incorporates all the muscles of the body and is VERY stregthening.