Birth is a fully holistic experience where all aspects of ourselves are present, aware and involved in the process of pregnancy and giving birth. The actual “labor” and physical body is simply but a small part of the process as a whole. The body definitely works hard to do the strenuous work of bringing a new life earthside.

Let us remember though there is a psychological, emotional and spiritual facet of herself weaving themselves into the fibers and structures of each experience during childbirth. The emotional/psychological aspects are seen quite often from the very onset. I know once my first real intense contraction hits and I recognize birth is imminent, I sob for a good half hour. Honestly, I’m not even 100% sure why. I’ve always thought it was because I know the concentration and energy I’ll have to put forth to help my infant come.

From my perspective as a midwife, the spiritual is present the whole time. Blissfully embracing each woman and unborn baby throughout the progression. Spirit seems to come and rest itself upon both mama and baby showing it’s presence through prayer, support, comfort, caress, blessings, etc. There are a plethora of ways God shows up for each and every mother.
I’m passionate that to withdraw any or all of those 3 aspects from a mother and her experience denies her the full passion, pleasure and, most important, TRANSFORMATION that comes with birthing. When denied, a women leaves the intimacy her soul expected in despair and fear. She has been violated in the fortuity of participating with her whole self. THIS stimulates feelings of disempowerment. Only to leave her questioning how one of her most sacred spaces she was meant to be in had been taken from her.

Please know, I understand not all women necessarily care about what childbirth is like for them. But those woman who do, should be given the opportunity to find the wisdom in it. That can only happen as their care provider takes a integrated approach, honoring all parts of her throughout the course of it. This is vitally important if we as a society and community are EVER to bring birth back to what it really is.