I think EVERYONE should sign up for this.  Actually sign up for BOTH! They are both TOTALLY free!  I am now listening to Elena Tonetti’s WONDERFUL interview and think you ALL should do the same.  You can look over the CONSCIOUS LEAP website and see if the WOMB conference they offer is something you might be looking for.

There is another Free Conscious Parenting event happening soon.  Its been put together by Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch.  You can click HERE to go directly to the page to sign up.  Plus watch a video with Angela and Matt discussing what the CONSCIOUS PARENTING SUMMIT really is.  Both online events look AMAZINGLY informative.  I plan on listening to as much as I can with each event. 

I’m so GRATEFUL for all the GIFTED people who take the time to put these events together and then share the information for free with the rest of us.  What a BLESSING to be able to listen to world experts on the subject of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth!

You will hear me state over and over how IMPORTANT it is for you and your partner to EDUCATE yourselves all the myths and truths revolving around pregnancy and birth.  Signing up for these online events is an EXCELLENT way to start that process.  It will make a PHENOMENAL difference for you, your baby, and your family.  I PROMISE!

In Peace,