Here is a trailer of a new website have been scouring over for the past several months. ORGASMIC BIRTH. What a GREAT name! The video is finally out which I am excited about receiving soon. It is all so FASCINATING to me! There is an EXCELLENT video found on the site that I tried to download here but couldn’t figure out. It’s called Birth By The Numbers. WATCH IT! It’s chalk full of VERY IMPORTANT information of why we are where we are at with the C-section rate and such. Can I say I LOVE videos? What a BENEFICIAL and QUICK way to educate the masses!
My good friend Bonnie just emailed me a GREAT article in regards to pitocin and induction of labor. Thank you, my friend for sending it my way! Here’s a little blurb from it!
“According to Nancy Griffin and Mothering magazine [2], the medical inducement of labor is medically required in only about 3 percent of pregnancies, but 81 percent of women in US hospitals receive Pitocin either to induce or augment their labors. “The majority [of induced labors] aren’t medically necessary,” and “that therefore approximately 75 percent of all inductions put both the mother and baby at risk.”

According to Roberto Caldreyo-Barcia, MD, former president of the International Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and an eminent researcher into the effects of obstetrical interventions, Pitocin is the most abused drug in the world today.”

“The World Health Organization deplores routinely using Pitocin. The Physician’s Desk Reference says that Pitocin should be used only when medically necessary.”
“Pitocin can cause increased pain, fetal distress, neonatal jaundice, and retained placenta; and recent research suggests that exposure to Pitocin may be a factor in causing autism.”

Eric Hollander of Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, for example, links autistic children with Pitocin-induced labors.

“In 1978, the FDA advisory committee removed its approval of Pitocin for the elective induction of labor. (The drug has never been approved by the FDA for the use of augmenting labor.) The current Physician’s Desk Reference clearly states that ‘Pitocin is not indicated for elective induction of labor’.” [2]

“Augmenting labor, often confused with induction, is a slightly different process, used to help or speed up a labor that began on its own.” “A basic fear of the natural process of childbirth has led, over many centuries, to a cultural warping of childbirth. Justifiable fear about the possible death of a baby or mother in childbirth, combined with beliefs in magic, rituals, drugs, herbal remedies, and much later, technology [technology being viewed on the same level as blood letting], has led to the use of a whole host of ‘cures’ for labors that didn’t seem to start ‘on time’.” [2]

The article is actually called “Don’t Push The Baby.” Please click on the link and read the whole thing. It is DEFINITELY an intriguing read. For some of you, this article might be a bit out there since it is ultimately discussing the metaphysical implications of forcing a baby to come before his/her set forth time. Which, by the way, I absolutely agree need to come into play when we are discussing effects of any choice we make in regards to birth. The person writing the article is VERY passionate. If you feel it to be a bit harsh, then please just take from the article what sings to you! I did, for sure! 
When we choose to disregard the emotional/pyschological and spiritual aspects of a choice and believe that only the physical matters, we then create a destined outcome that might make things worse instead of better. As you already know, my belief is that the majority of physical issues are only manifested because of storage overload from an emotional/spiritual space. I was just talking with Elena from Birth As We Know It last week and we were both shaking our heads in disbelief of how the emotional/physcological aspects of birth are not being dealt with or even discussed ANYWHERE. I choose to believe that all realms of ourselves….physical, emotional, and spiritual work in harmony in striving to create the healthiest US! That only tells me that each plays an important role in my overall well being. To think that one is more important than the other only creates improper imbalances and with that can come all kinds of future crises or calamities. 
At this point, I am planning on attending Elena’s apprenticeship workshop next month. I am VERY excited. I am going with a friend, her daughter and my sister in law Yulia, who is working with me at births right now. The rule is NO BABIES at the workshop….but my dear friend, Charlene, has offered her services to me and will be watching Mabel for 10 days, bringing her back and forth so I can still attend somewhat to Mabel with feedings and such. THANK YOU, CHARLENE! You are my angel! I had not planned fully on going. Merely because of several restraints. First being cost. Next, the Mabel issue. Then finding a place to stay in Chico, Ca. Within one week of fervent prayer, the stars aligned and it seems that everything has come perfectly into place for us to be able to attend. My jaw is still dropping, to be honest. I am in SHOCK!! I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to go and with VERY little effort everything came together and we’re going. 
So…aside from the ECSTASY over going, I am sharing it here because I am asking for prayers. Part of me believes Mabel will be fine because when I was praying about going, my prayers also consisted of that if everything worked out then that meant that Mabel would be HAPPY while we were there. But another part of me is VERY attached to my sweet little one. We have worked VERY hard to create a trauma free/emotionally healing environment from conception til now for her. One where she can share with us always where she’s at emotionally and we will respond and help relieve any issues. The last thing we want is for her to feel saddened or abandoned in anyway because of this trip. All of your prayers have helped me/us so much in the past, I know they will again this time. I will go ahead and say how much I truly have and am appreciating it!! It means to much to me and I have noticed so much love from each of you when I make these requests. Thank you!
Oh, by the way, we had a VERY Merry Christmas! I was going to post about our Christmas first but I am waiting for my mother in law to upload the pictures on her computer. When that happens I will post more details. I hope everyone has a VERY JOYFUL rest of the holiday season!!
Abundant peace to all,