Hello again. I am SO sorry for the extended delay in my posting. I really had planned on trying to post sooner but…life has been coming quite quickly and steadily lately. Which is SO EXCITING for me! Can I just say that I LOVE people? I LOVE THEM! I LOVE connecting with people. I LOVE watching people. I LOVE learning from people. I LOVE feeling with people. I LOVE talking with people. I am just so in LOVE with people right now.

I have been learning and truly “getting” how disconnected from people I really am. Especially the ones I LOVE the most. It’s so interesting to me how probably the MOST SCARY feeling for us is LOVE! To let love in REALLY….to be vulnerable….to fully give ourselves in a soft hearted way to each and every person we are connected to! I have spent some much time in prayer seeking, understanding, really integrated into my soul this idea. I desire and LONG to put it into full practice.
So…to change avenues here, I received THIS in my email box today. Click on it and watch it and tell me what you think. This is SHEER craziness. Heaven forbid…a doula speak up to the hospital staff who SUPPOSEDLY always knows better, right? OH, SO WRONG! This video kind of got me going this morning.

First, the positives. I think it’s SO GREAT that the doula really helped her client and they had that aspect shown on the video. Hopefully, people really wanting to know about and understand doulas will glean the changes made in the woman’s birth because of the doula and go on the research it themselves. That is always a BEAUTIUFL thing. To know that if someone is wanting something then something like this video can, at least, open their eyes to it.

Now…you have got to be KIDDING me that we should ALWAYS tell our doctor and clear everything with them. I’m not saying that that can’t be a benefical thing. What I am saying is….or the way I see it is….we are then saying to ourselves and pretty much the rest of society that I freely and fully give my birth power over to someone else and they can tell me if something is good or not good for me and my baby. Cuz SUPPOSEDLY they know best, right? Can I say SO WRONG again?
Even with the friends whom I have helped, I may have new insights, educational knowledge, ideas, concepts etc. that could or may could not help her. But I am NOT HER!! I am not in her body. I am not in her brain and DEFINITELY I am not in her heart. How do I know what is best or not best for her and her birth?
Well, you could say in the moment of birth then I could tell her what to do and what is safe or not safe for her, right? WRONG AGAIN! I DEFINITELY and RIGHTLY SO would throw out ideas, suggestions, even persuasive comments about what I think would help to create a safer or easier birth situation but ULTIMATELY it is HER say NOT mine. Let me reiterate. I am NOT in her body. I am NOT in her mind and I DEFINITELY am not in her HEART!
My belief and experience thus far, is that when a woman is TRULY preparing herself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that she will inherently know what is BEST for her body and her baby. At any and all moments. If things are going great or things look a bit scary. When there might be a crisis or when all is going well. It really doesn’t matter. When a mother is FULLY prepared, in all realms of her life, and is going into the birth process understanding fully what she may have to deal with or look at or change or whatever….she KNOWS what is BEST….hands down EVERYTIME!!
2 words. Trust and Faith. I have realized you cannot go to a birth and feel ok with the whole process of it without applying those 2 words. I cannot EXPRESS FULLY enough the WONDERFULNESS of the “Birth as We Know it” video and the “Birth Into Being” website. It will COMPLETELY change your perspective on what CONSCIOUS birth is and HOW to apply it to you and your birth.
Then on top of all that is taught through that AMAZING video and website, I have learned of and applied so many other emotional and physical aspects during my pregnancy that I am still in AWE of all that I insights I have gained over the past couple of years. PEOPLE….it is so much FUN! It is so EXCITING to me to share it with others. I am OVERJOYED with how the mothers I am involved with feel and GROW during the process of releasing and rebuilding themselves and their babies. LOVE IT! LOVE IT!
Anyway…I think I’m done now. I am happy that I could share. Thanks for reading. I hope each woman will gain the empowerment they need to know they can create what they want with each and every pregnancy and birth. I LOVE YOU ALL!
Abundant peace to all,