What does that mean? If you are a healthy, low risk woman, WHY are you going to a high risk doctor for prenatal/postnatal care? It doesn’t make sense. It is no different than a pediatrician babysitting a healthy 2 year old, as it says above!

There are actually 2 different schools of thought & professional care when it comes to midwifery. The medical model-which claims all pregnant mamas are a complication waiting to happen. That a woman’s body is ill equipped to properly, effectively and safely birth a child. This model of care is complete hog wash. I ain’t buying it. I’ve been to too many births & researched birth too much to ever believe it.

OR there is the midwifery model of care-which states that a woman’s body can & does know VERY WELL how to birth a child & is actually created to do so. That it’s a normal, physiological process of the human body & when given the proper care throughout conception, pregnancy & birth, the vast MAJORITY of the time it gets it right.

Birth is changing in America and its exciting to think midwifery care is exploding right now.  Women tend to be fed up with the highly controlled, grossly interventive medical care they’ve been receiving. I’m consistently amazed at how beautifully birth happens, with little to no complications or issues, when left undisturbed with the least amount of interventions possible.

Please understand, I am very grateful for OBGYN’s and their specialized care for pregnant mamas in need. Thank God they know what they know and do what they do.  There are DEFINITELY those women who need more than a midwife and are truly high risk.  This is where these specialized skills can make all the difference in saving life of Mom’s and babies. BUT……those woman that really do need that type of care are much fewer than we think. Fear, I believe, is the reason they choose the type of care providers they do.  

Unfortunately, a women who chooses a hospital, high intervention birth might inevitably end up with an outcome she didn’t expect or want.  Only to go on glorifying a doctor who might have caused the problems in the first place.  Often, what we don’t know, CAN actually hurt us.

Make sure you KNOW if you are low risk or high risk in your pregnancy.  This might navigate you to the proper care provider for you!