Birth is a miracle! Absolutely. No question. Once you’ve studied, researched and spent over half your life hoping to understand what birth is and how it works, you quickly and humbly realize there is something greater than ourselves in this fierce world around us.

Even with all our knowledge about birth, I believe we’ve hit a drop in the bucket of what birth really is. I accept the simple meeting of an egg & sperm creates the life of a child. Though, to me, It’s so MUCH MORE than that!
If I ever questioned there was a God (which I have in the past), pregnancy and birth ALWAYS brings me back to the truth that there is. And His hand is in the organization and formation every step of the way!

To all you strong, empowering mamas: On those days you don’t want to be pregnant. Or are dealing with morning sickness. Or are past your due date. Or are in labor and just feel too tired to keep going……Remember, you’ve helped create a MIRACLE! Life itself rests inside you. Coming back to a prayerful place of stillness on this subject makes it all WORTH IT!