I am so sorry to those small few of you who read my blog and site. We literally have spent the last 3 weeks packing and trying to move. We have now been living in American Fork for about 2 weeks but still have some last items to pick up from the Provo house. I have only been able to get on the internet from Chris’ work for the past 3 weeks so there’s the reason for no posts.

Then last Tuesday morning at 9:15 am my father in law past away. He died peacefully which we are very grateful for. We are happy to see him no longer suffer but VERY saddened at the loss of “Papa” for our children. My mother in law put together a BEAUTIFUL funeral yesterday. We have cried a  lot and felt peace alot!! My kids are doing ok. My youngest, Pratt, is having the hardest time. He was, by far, the closest to him of all my children. You wouldn’t really know it though if you didn’t understand him and how he deals with pain. He really hasn’t cried but the last time he saw Papa he came home and proceeded to spray paint our front walk and our neighbors. He is angry and sad and confused and doesn’t really know what to feel. Poor guy!! We love him SO MUCH and we are trying so hard to help him through this. Again, prays being sent our way would be AWESOME!!
Finally, I thought I had 5 weeks left……with my due date being July 4th. My husband quickly corrected me and told me I had 4. CRAZY!! I am a bit freaked about that, I must say! We still have to unpack some and I just need to get organized to have a baby. I guess I don’t “need” to but, for me, I do!! I was up on hyper mode the other night cleaning and such until about 2 in the morning. Chris had a good laugh!
I am still eating all or extremely HIGH raw!! Lovin’ it! The larger my belly gets the more strict I have found I need to be. No more steamed broccoli! Gives me VERY uncomfortable gas! Anywho, I will post more soon. I am actually going to post a picture of me that was taken on May 12th. I am quite a bit larger now! My hubby says he will take more pics for everyone soon!!
Abundant peace,