A friend of mine emailed a inspiring little video put together by the makers of The Secret. I would click on the link and scour the site. They have some FUN stuff!

Here is the video for others enjoyment. I LOVE Mother Earth! She’s BEAUTIFUL and so GIVING to us all! My prayer is that we can all make small changes and efforts to care for her properly and bring about health and happiness for her. Thanks Carolyn for sending this my way!

The same WONDERFUL friend sent me another tear jerking video. It is UPLIFTING! Make sure to have tissues available. Chris and I watched this together and had a good cry. When we let our true human nature, which is love and peace, kick in-we then get the opportunity to see how GLORIOUS and GIVING we all really are! It reminds us to always expect the unexpected. Enjoy and let yourself be MOVED!

So….the last few days I have been moving through some VERY powerful cleansing energy. Starting Monday afternoon, till now, I have been pretty much down with nausea and uncomfortable & profuse diarrhea. I hope it’s ok I share exactly what I have been feeling, even if it isn’t “pretty.”. We have been trying to figure out what physically is going on. It could be some virus. I have friends who have had similar symptoms over the past few weeks. Or something I ate. Maybe some bacteria on a fruit or veggie I ate. I think it is lasting too long for it to be that. Baby has been fine! No contractions or concerns in that regards, I feel. Loads of movement which, at times, can be quite annoying while you are feeling like you want to vomit. But…..I am still grateful for it!

I normally have some severe food allergies that we finally realized I had a few years ago. I have stayed away, for the most part from those foods, but I have still picked and tasted somewhat when I get the opportunity. I have been researching things on the internet this morning and I am actually wondering if my food allergies have gotten worse because of the pregnancy. I seem to have many of the symptoms of this problem. Maybe because of squishing of my bowels from the uterine growth or who knows. From what I have read, this can be quite common. I swear, my life is just NEVER boring, is it? I contacted our AWESOME family practitioner this morning. Still waiting for a call back. Just getting more thoughts and ideas but I actually think I’m on the mend and have figured out the problem but we’ll see.

Well, of course, in this vulnerable situation I have had SO MUCH emotionally come up for me. I have cried off and on about so many things. I had really felt that with all the stresses going on, I had been handling it pretty good. I guess I saw how I was still unconsciously stuffing feelings that were obviously in there because they were now coming out! CRAZY!! This morning I awoke feeling better. I finally ate food with a bit more substance last night and even though it still seemed to move through quickly, I can tell I absorbed more and that things are doing better this morning.

What have I learned thus far? I hold on to so much ANGER and RESENTMENT. When I don’t feel good, I just get PISSED! I don’t know if there is anyone else that does this but I don’t think that’s how it is for everyone. I am such a CONTROL freak that when I am down and out, my whole world seems to spin out of control and then all hell breaks loose in my head. So sad! This time was SO MUCH better than it had been in the past which was great for me! I am VERY GRATEFUL for that! I just kind of sat back in AWE at all was inside of me and how I justified being so angry about the stupidest, littlest things. I am sure they became HUGE because I made them that way. Really I am sure that they all along felt HUGE, I just decided to act like they weren’t that big of a deal (for fear of myself) until I could stuff them no longer and they were going to release in whatever form they needed too! Believe me, THEY HAVE! LOL!

This morning I was meditating upon these feelings, both physical and emotional. I was pondering & praying to God & Heavenly Mother. On one of my many visits to the toilet, sitting on the back of it was my “Autobiography of a Yogi” book. I said to myself that I needed some insight and some new thoughts to ponder. I opened to a page and I my eyes fell directly onto this quote.

“You see how God feels for us,” Master replied after I expressed my gratitude. “The Lord responds to all and works for all. Just as He sent the rain at my plea, so He fulfills any sincere desire of the devotee. Seldom do men realize how often God heeds their prayers. He is NOT partial to a few, but listen to everyone who approaches Him trustfully. His children should ever have implicit faith in the loving kindness of their Omnipresent Father.”

Lovely! Just lovely! Exactly what I needed, as always. So subtle, so simple, & so sweet. I have received so many answers over the last couple of days and felt really blessed as I moved through this energy, trying to understand more. This was the final peace that I needed to know that I am LOVED and am LOVE! That no matter what I am heard and my thoughts and feelings HEEDED by an all knowing, all loving Father & Mother in Heaven. He does respond and has responded, ALWAYS. I look back and I can see it! I just remove my own expectations, agenda and false beliefs of what it should look like and there it is.

I am still eating the same, except for the last few days when food intake has been limited. Still feeling great, 99% of the time. I am excited for our move and should hopefully take place within the next week. Some changes we’ve made on it look just LUSCIOUS! Please keep sending good thoughts and prayers our way. With everything going on, my kids have had some emotional issues arise and though it’s been good, we all can use more goodness from each of you! I am so thankful for the love and prayers we have already felt being sent our way. THANK YOU with all our hearts!!

Abundant peace to all,

P.S. I hope this all makes sense. I apologize if my thoughts are a bit scattered. Just so many to think about and not enough time to make it clear and completely understandable.