As you already know, 2 days ago one of my friends delivered a BEAUTIFUL baby boy! Her birth was quick, efficient and very uneventful! She spent her whole pregnancy, even several months before she became pregnant, preparing her heart, mind, body and soul to prepare for the future birth to come! She was rigorous and extremely effective in carrying out her divinely gifted creative power. It was/is such a overwhelmingly LOVELY process to be a part of! I LOVE being a part of something that is so UNIQUE to each and every woman! I am just AMAZED and in AWE of each birth I attend. I feel so blessed to participate in watching the strength and courage of woman. I feel so blessed to see each of them put their faith and trust in themselves, their Heavenly Parents and their Savior. I feel so blessed to be given the gift from our Divine Mother to empower and inspire woman to believe and trust in themselves, their bodies and their babies.

I see within each woman that I work with a willingness to go beyond the mark and look deep into their own hearts at the fears, sadness, heartache, pain, anger, etc. that they each carry. I see within each woman the push for a progressive forward motion to move these emotions and give them to the Savior through repentance and forgiveness. I see within each woman the peace, joy, love, understanding, faith, wisdom, happiness etc. that replace each negative emotion. I feel overjoyed, humbled, and the power of the grace of God at each birth I attend. My heart is full of gratitude this morning for this sacred calling that only brings pure bliss to my soul which is hopefully then carried to each woman…..each of my earthly sisters that they can find the same bliss, in what sings to their hearts, that I have found.
I would like to share some feelings about the 2 inspiring woman I work with. I so appreciate my dear friend, Alicia. I so appreciate how you just “trust” the process of birth so explicitly. This trust then carries over to all people present at the birth. I so appreciate how your willingness to come and be present with complete adoration, even with your VERY crazy busy life, shines through. I so appreciate how much you have taught me on this path. I so appreciate the LONG hours and excessive time you have spent with me teaching me, being patient with me and just loving me through this process. And how without you…..I wonder if I would even be doing what I am doing. You have helped to change and uplift me and I am forever indebted because of it! Thank you! I LOVE YOU!
Also, I would like to sing Yulia’s praises. I LOVE YOU, Yolka! She has been with me on a few of the last births I have done. She has been EXTREMELY helpful physically but also emotionally and spiritually! The spirit she carries at each birth, helps bring such peace and confidence to myself, the mother and even all people involved. Yulia, I am grateful for the power of womanhood you carry. You do and are willing to pass a little of that onto each of us unconfident woman who still carry of fears and phobias in regards to who we are and what our place is in the world. I feel honored and blessed (my 2 favorite words, btw) that you have chosen to walk this path with me right now.
I hope and pray that each you will do so for years to come! I hope and pray that we can help and uplift each other to bring about change within ourselves and all of our sisters that call upon us for aid and comfort. I hope and pray that we can keep working together and form relationships with each other that brings about united harmony and goodness, not only for ourselves but for all living things.
Lastly, Lyndsey…my heart feels so close to you! I LOVE YOU TOO! You are my sister! I believe we were very close at another place and time. Our souls sing to each other. Thank you for letting me be part of something so sacred and special to you! Thank you for the opportunity of listening to my heart’s song because you listened to yours. Thank you for trusting each and every experience throughout your pregnancy that brought you closer to yourself. Thank you for seeing a little bit of our Divine Mother within yourself and then spreading that light to all around you! I can’t say thank you enough for your efforts and my progression because of them!
Anyway….my heart sings this morning for all gifts given to each of us from our Heavenly Father, our Divine Mother, and our Savior. I pray we can all choose to be true disciples of Him and work “line upon line” to find and give our whole selves and full hearts to Him. Our Savior loves us not because we are good but because he is good! May we all strive each and every minute of everyday to be a little more like Him.
I love you all! I thank each and everyone of you for being part of our lives and accepting and loving us through thick and thin. Words cannot fully express my feelings this morning but I only pray that my feelings are felt by all of you!
Abundant peace to all,