This is MAGIC.  Make no mistake….its MAGIC! Or even better, its truly a MIRACLE!  Each and everyone of us, the fact that we are here, the fact that we are breathing in and out each and every day….is NOTHING short of a MIRACLE.  Its extremely SPECIAL!  Its SACRED!

Welcome to the world of gestation.  Its a phenomenon!  Its a mystery.  I believe this is what makes birth so VERY EXCITING!  There are still so many unanswerable questions.  We’ve come far, yes….in understanding what physically is taking place in conception and gestation.  But still the mystery looms even with all the advances! 

But even as Alexander says…”The mechanisms of how these things are done (one human body creating another human body) are beyond comprehension.  Even though I am a mathematician I look at this with a marvel as to how these instruction sets do not make mistakes in what its building which is us.”

I believe we live in a world where, unfortunately,  the miracle and mystery out of conception, pregnancy and birth and made it something completely different all together.  It seems as if it is now only seen as a medical event where our healthcare providers tell us what to expect or how they think we should prepare. 

I think so often we do say to ourselves, on a certain level, that it is a MIRACLE but do we really let ourselves FEEL it?  Do we really let ourselves sit back and ponder the AWE of it all? Do we let ourselves really listen to our own internal knowing and move forward making choices based on what we feel and believe?

One of my FAVORITE quotes really defines how I see birth.  How FASCINATED and ENCHANTED I am by it all.  

“The history of mankind for the nine months preceding his birth would, probably, be far more interesting and contain events of greater moment than for all the threescore and ten years that follow it.” ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge
I must admit that I find it quite interesting that Samuel Coleridge spent most of his life in a severe depression. Some people believe had he lived in our day and age, he would of been diagnosed as bi polar.  He was a poet and many great works came from him but I wonder….what happened at his birth to effect the way he saw the world?  He obviously recognized the importance of understanding the birth realm and how it might even be affecting his life currently, hence the creation of the quote above. 
As shown in the video above….within 9 weeks your fetus is fully formed.  All parts are present at only 9 weeks!  What a SHORT amount of time to create something so AMAZINGLY GLORIOUS!  Your baby will grow more in those 9 weeks than it will for the rest of its human existence.

Its despairing to me to ponder how women struggle in those first few weeks of pregnancy to eat as well as they should.  I am no different myself.  But I feel that if women understood the importance of what was taking place those first 12 weeks they might make more of an effort of eat healthier foods even with the nausea they might be feeling.  I remember going to great lengths to keep my diet as clean and pure as possible even through all my morning sickness.  It felt very hard some days but it was VERY worth it in the end. 
With that being said, I’m going to go ahead and get up on my soap box here.  If that much growth is happening, if that much change is taking place….wouldn’t it be of DIRE importance that we’d, as parents of this incoming life, take the opportunity to prepare our systems through making healthy life style choices before pregnancy?  Wouldn’t we want to create the IDEAL environment for OPTIMUM health and well being for our child?  I believe EVERY parent would want this for their child if they knew and understood the importance of it.

So what does making healthy life style choices look like?  Well, this is just my opinion and I’m sure I could find studies to back it up if need be, but I believe healthy life styles choices mean to make whatever shifts necessary by both parents for them to feel healthy, happy and at peace with the world around them.

Healthy life style choices mean your being conscious of EVERYTHING you are putting into YOUR system.  After all, the creation of your unborn child is literally made up of your ideas, your beliefs, your perceptions, your feelings, your nutrition or lack thereof, and your overall physical and emotional health.

The video below shows how our feelings and perceptions of how we see the world around us truly effect the perceptions of our unborn child.  Bruce Lipton is VERY informative with his ideas of what a conscious conception would look like.  Reading and understanding his work is important to striving to be a fully conscious parent.  
When it comes to the physical components of conscious conception, what we are eating is of utmost importance.  The material matter that helps to form the physical body of the fetus literally comes from healthy or unhealthy state YOUR (you and your partners) physical bodies are in, especially the mother.  
In indigenous societies, preparation physically and emotionally for both the father and mother was recognized to aid in strength and vitality for the future conception.  In the book, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” by Weston A. Price….he discusses the great lengths some tribes would go to to prepare their bodies by eating certain foods before conception.

He shows evidence of the differences in comparison in the health of children born to the same mother when she made ate nutrient rich foods BEFORE pregnancy.  He also discusses the shorten labor times when a mother was nourished BEFORE she became pregnant.  As Bruce Lipton states above, the DNA is put into place 2 months PRIOR to conception.  Its not about how well you were taking care of yourself the month you got pregnant but 2 months before. 
Weston also discusses how nutrition effects the size and shape of the pelvis.  Also, how proper nutrition was effecting the mortality rates at the time.  He states, “During my investigations in eastern Australia I was informed that the birth rate among the whites had declined over a large area and to such an extent that many families had no children and many women could produce only one child.”
When I was pregnant with my last daughter, I was eating a raw diet.  I was, BY FAR, my healthiest and happiest in that pregnancy than in any other previous pregnancies.  In fact, the preeclampsia or toxemia that I had in my 2nd pregnancy was one of the stimulants for me to look at my diet and how it was affecting the health of my unborn children. 
Just one week before delivery
This is just the beginning of my posts about how I see conscious conception.  What I believe it looks like and what steps are needed to take to prepare yourself.  I will be showing how I prepare for a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. I have worked with many women helping them to make the needed emotional and physical changes to create a healthy, happy and BLISSFUL pregnancy and birth experience.
Conception, pregnancy and birth should be FUN!  It should be EXCITING and REWARDING in EVERY way possible.  Please check back regularly so you too can understand how to prepare in every way for YOUR conscious parenting experience.
I leave you with another BEAUTIFUL life creation video.  I hope you feel somewhere inside of you the GREAT need for healing and health to carry on joy and vitality for the future generations.  
In Peace,