The video below goes RIGHT along with my last post.   I LOVE how Suzanne says that birth is THE most SACRED experience a family can have.  It is, other than death, the ONLY time where the physical and the spiritual worlds collide for ALL to see.  It isn’t just one persons experience of the uniting of both worlds, its a COLLECTIVE observation and sensation for ALL who are present.

This is what makes birth what it is!  That this level of BLISS can be felt by ALL present, not just the mother, or just the father….but everyone who is asked to share the birth space with the couple or family.  I have seen and felt over and over the engagement, shift and even healing that takes place when others are able be part of a new life entering our earthly realm.  It does FOREVER change us and in many ways!

You can see in the video…almost feel…the surprise that the woman has who is birthing her baby.  She’s shocked at her own ability and has to repeat to herself that she has actually DONE IT!  She went further inside of herself then she might ever go and then produced an experience that went above and beyond what she thought she was capable of.

One of the most BEAUTIFUL moments in the birth process is when I see THE SHIFT!  Now what is…the shift…you ask?  The shift is when a women goes from believing she is nothing more than a bystander in the birth experience to realizing she is IT in the birth experience.  She is the ONE who has to find IT somewhere deep inside of herself to give birth to this new life.

I tend to see this more with the 1st time Moms I work with.  Its almost as if they believe that someone might just reach in and pull their baby out for them.  Its tends to happen right about the time transition is ending and pushing is beginning, sometimes I’ve seen it a bit earlier in labor as well.  Its when the light bulb turns on and then you see THE SHIFT all over their faces.  The moment the energy of both the Mom and baby work this harmonious dance of bringing this life here. Its MAGNIFICENT! Truly GLORIOUS to behold.

You see the POWER within women.  You feel the LOVE they have for their unborn child.  Most importantly, you see a BRAVERY and DETERMINATION you really don’t see at many other times in life.  Its RARE!  But when you are blessed with the opportunity to watch THE SHIFT,  you feel for that definite moment the world is a GRAND place to be because we have women and families like THIS! Couples who are consciously choosing to parent in such a way that the new life coming feels only acceptance, trust, love, joy, peace and comfort!

I wish I was better with words and could really express what I’m saying in a more eloquent way. For those of you who have seen the shift, you know what I’m talking about.  For those who have yet to experience it, you will know what I’m talking about immediately when it happens.

I can’t imagine living in a world where I would never be able to see the power of the human spirit in birth.  That power is changing the WORLD!  That power is nothing but PURE, unadulterated LOVE!  If we can harness that more each and every day, if we can recognize it for what it is and then help to feed it into the psyches of all women and families, then the world will begin its transition (like so many families are already doing) into a place where only PEACE resides.

In Peace,