It seems every time I post it takes me FOREVER. I don’t know what it is but my plan is to make it MUCH quicker tonight. I think it might be that the pictures take so long to download. I wanted to share some our 4th of July pictures. We had tons o’fun doing ABSOLUTELY nothing that day. I really like days like that. Life sometimes feels really crazy busy and it is so much fun to take a break every now and again and just HANG out!! Don’t ya think?

First, I would like to say that I think Maggie Glyenhall is an AMAZING actress. I purposely go out of my way to see movies that she has been in but then I found this picture of her and it made me love her even more. There are a few more pics you can look at HERE! Anyone who has the guts to just be herself and LOVE her baby in this manner is VERY unique compared to many others in the modern society we live in. I believe that the comfortableness she portrays would help all of us to incorporate in our breastfeeding world. We have been given MIRACULOUS bodies that were made to LOVE our babies in this manner. Let us not be ashamed of the gifts we have been given to share with our beloved children. I think it is great that she is setting an example for the rest of us. Way to go, Maggie!!

Here are our AWESOME July 4th pics.
SO….to be honest, we played the card game “Hand and Foot” the whole day, literally for HOURS!! It was SO much fun. Here is David showing us his AWESOME card playing abilities. Notice the very attractive head apparel he is wearing. My daughter, Millie LOVES him and made it for him. I thought it fit him quite well.
This is a common look for Chris while we are playing cards. He is trying to figure out just what is going on. I am just kidding. Chris is AWESOME at cards and usually kicks EVERYBODY’S butt.
David and Chris acting like they are friends. They were rivals during this game so the LOVE wasn’t always this strong. You know, men and competition. Just kidding again!
Millie and Pratt being cute as usual. They are the BEST kids. I can’t believe they chose to come to my home and be with me. I am so blessed!! They love Chris and I and each other SO much. We don’t always get along but we do our best to see the inner light in each of us and forgive quickly! How cool is that! Thanks my sweet babies!

Here are Dean and Golden. I was trying to show them playing video games but I guess I didn’t get it. They were in HEAVEN!! I only let my kids play video games on Saturday’s and they have to earn it so whenever we have a holiday YEAH FOR THEM!! Dean is picking off Golden’s skin from his sunburn he got when we went boating. I was glad to see that we are similar to monkey’s in our grooming!

Here is David and his father who came to join us for cards later in the day. He said he didn’t really know how to play but after the first hand I could tell he was bluffing. He was beating us all!! Notice David’s eye is red. He has a viral infection that was healing quite nicely because he was treating it herbally. He used eyebright, along with Dr. Christopher’s X-ceptic which is AWESOME stuff. He takes GUTS to use that stuff but it works quick and effectively. He was also doing LOTS of emotional work while helping it physically because as we know, they go hand in hand!

Here I am on our roof for the FUNNEST part of the day. Tons of our family and friends come over to watch The Stadium of Fire fireworks show. Since my parents have owned this house, it has been an yearly event. The kids LOVE it and the fireworks are MAGNIFICENT!! I know, you are all SO jealous!! All 2 of you! hehehehe!

Here are all the other people on the roof. It was really hard to take pictures because we couldn’t actually see what we were taking a picture of because it was SO dark. I am surprised we got any to turn out. We all really had a BLAST and I was grateful for the friend and family time.

Let’s see what else. I have been reading the BEST book lately. I am going to tell you more about it next time I write but it is called “The Hummingbird’s Daughter.” I HIGHLY recommend it to EVERYONE!! It is one of the best books, so far, that I have ever read. I hope others would read it so I had someone to discuss it with. It would a great book to hold a book discussion about.

My eating over the last few days has been EXCELLENT!! I have felt so ALIVE and ENERGETIC!! I purchased some apricots that are DELICIOUS! I know, I know there are trees everywhere with apricots on them in our area and if any of you are wanting to get rid of yours, I will come and take them off your hands anytime. I do plan on getting them from my sisters and neighbors homes but they are not fully ripe yet and so I am waiting. I wanted some really bad so I couldn’t wait anymore. We have eaten a whole case of them in less in 24 hours. That is how it is at our house. Crazy eh?

But…I know I just recently had the whole discussion about fermented foods and I have decided I am someone who is completely weird. I went to Yulia’s house the other day and she had made some of the BEST sauerkraut. I forgot how SCRUMPTIOUS hers is. She only ferments for 3 days so it has a bit a tang but not much. Then she marinates and ferments some beets. They are sweet and so tasty too!! I had been craving them ever since I tasted them.

So what do I do? I come home and make my own. I started my sauerkraut and marinated my own beets. My dinner for the past 3 nights has been my seaweed rolls which consist of the sauerkraut, beets, smoked dulse, and sunflower greens all rolled in a Nori sheet. I have been in HEAVEN!! It is AMAZING! Let me tell you. All day long I eat fruit and green drinks and shakes and then that is what I eat for dinner. I am planning on making more sauerkraut. I really think most of the problem with the Kim Chee I ate was it was probably overly fermented and it had TONS of spices. It was WAY too hot for me. Sauerkraut is bland and mild. I am LOVING it right now. For those of you who might be interested in my recipe, let me know and I will post it on my website.

Here is what I ate today, July 10th.

Lots of watermelon

Lots of apricots

1 quart of banana/berry shake

1 banana

6 Seaweed wrap. YUMMMM-O!!!!

I think that’s it for today. I will still post the burn pictures soon. I have really enjoyed being free and open to whatever my body is calling me to in all aspects of life, not just food. I used to stress out about food SO much years ago. I feel so grateful that I am in a place where it can be quick and easy and FUN and still so good for me and my emotional stress level can stay down where it should be!!

Abundant peace to you all,