So we had a SUPER time this weekend visiting our good friends in California.  The weather was 90 degrees.  The sun was SHINING!  And our friends have an AWESOME swimming pool.  Since we recently bought a new camera, Chris has been trying it out.  He’s been filming minute segments at a time…not sure why.  But here’s some of the FUN stuff we did for Easter!

Below is the video where I’m actually walking to the restroom and Chris asks me what I’m doing.  A little awkward but I thought I’d post it anyway.

In this next video, we have the kids describing what they plan on doing for their Easter egg hunt.  The night before I was SO tired (yes, from doing absolutely NOTHING) that I couldn’t get up the strength to go place the Easter eggs out.  Luckily, Lupita and Joanne LOVE me enough that they did it.  Thanks GUYS!

Now the hunt is ON!  Remember only 14 eggs per child.  I noticed in some of the other videos that the kids are shaking the eggs to see if they have money in them or not.  If they don’t, they just throw them back down.  Listen for little Shane announce that she found an egg with money inside it.  I’m now wracking my brain as to why we didn’t think of this money idea LONG ago!  Obviously its a HIT!

Here we have Mabel counting her money (which you see her do again in the video underneath this one) to see if she’s rich or not.  In the next 2 videos, she’s either so ENTHRALLED with her loads of money that she can’t even answer a question OR she snarling at the people coming to talk to her about her money.  So the question still remains….should we be afraid of the ugly faces in regards to the money?

Here we have ALL the kids counting their money and their eggs.  Sophia comments that she has 16 eggs but remember the rule…only 14 eggs so her brother, Gabriel, quickly chastens her demanding she give him an egg.  So FUNNY!

Lastly, we have Mabel and I discussing, yet for the 1000th time, her nail painting.  Mabel LOVES to paint her nails and will do it, at least, 5-6 times a day.  No joke!  I had just gotten done painting her nails and she was waiting for them to dry before she jumped into the pool.  It was a LONG wait for both of us!

So this is what the Talley’s did for our 2012 Easter.  It really was such a WONDERFUL mini vacation!  Chris and I pretty much did nothing but sit around, chat with our friends, and completely RELAX.  I must give a huge THANK YOU to Joanne and Lupita for putting up with us for 2 days.  I sure hope we can come again VERY soon!

In Peace,