6 c buckwheat, sprouted
3 c millet, sprouted
1 1/2 c quinoa, sprouted
1 c hemp seed
14 c rolled oats
8 c sprouted sunflower seeds (chopped in the food processor)
8 c coconut
1/2 c almond flour
2 1/2 c agave syrup
4 T apple pie spice
1 c cacao beans
2 T ginger
2 tsp salt
6 c honey
1 T vanilla

Stir all ingredients together (make sure your bowl is LARGE). Spread granola mixture on teflex dehydrator sheets. This recipe makes approximately nine sheets of granola. Press the granola down onto the sheets so that the grains stick together. Dehydrate approximately 24 hours, flipping halfway through. When crunchy, break up the granola into smaller pieces and enjoy! This goes great with nut milk.