I have a very good friend who just recently (within the last couple of weeks) delivered a BEAUTIFUL baby girl. I was honored that I could attend and participate in something so reverent and sacred, as her birth. I wanted to share some of her experiences from my perspective. I pray that it can help others the way it has inspired and changed me.

I feel blessed to aid in empowering woman on their path to creating the pregnancy, labor and birth experiences they desire. I may be a bit of an “idealist” but I truly believe that when a woman strives to tend to her physical, emotional and spiritual needs during pregnancy, she then is taking responsibility for the outcome of what takes place during her birth. There is a beautiful website that speaks of this form of healing that can take place in order to help the mother achieve her aspirations. You can find it at www.birthintobeing.com. I could write all of my beliefs on the subject matter but Elena Vladimirova does such a wonderful job of explaining it so beautifully that I figure why recreate the wheel. You will probably get more of my personal beliefs on the subject the more I post on my blog so hopefully whoever reads this will keep checking back.

Kara came to me as a friend who had a strong desire to create the birth she had longed to have for several years. This was her 5th pregnancy and her 6th child. She’s had diversity in all of her births from a c-section with twins to other complications during or after delivery. We discussed what she really wanted for her birth and how to go about making those intentions a reality. She was open, wanting and willing to take full responsibility for her pregnancy and birth by taking action and being VERY proactive, in regards to her overall health and well being.

First, we discussed dietary changes that could and should take place to help her feel better both physically and emotionally. Of course, when helping others, I strive to motivate in such a way that they have a desire to incorporate as MUCH raw fruits, greens, nuts and seeds as possible, accompanied by “cutting out” of the diet what they know to be unbeneficial, or even slightly detrimental,l to her and her growing baby. Kara IMMEDIATELY took action and started educating herself on what and how to go about create physical health. I watched her use discipline and make AMAZING changes. In turn, I felt this made HUGE changes at her birth. Making these changes empowers a woman to know that she can move forward with confidence while hoping that she will see the outcome she desires at the birth to come.

Kara and I discussed working on emotional and spiritual changes that she knew needed to take place in order for her to truly see and visualize the birth she wanted. She had past fears and phobias that kept repeating themselves in her thoughts and mind that were no longer serving her and her present needs. She was open and willing to release those and let go of them. By asking for help through meditation and consistent prayer using God and the Savior, she was able to feel a difference in her everyday life. I mentioned to her that keeping what I call an “emotional journal” might help her to let go of and release these old pent up feelings. In that journal, she was to write all the negative and positive feelings that she had. As she is writing, she is “letting go” of all the negative and unwanted feelings by putting them on paper and saying goodbye to them. Then, by writing down all the postitive feelings, she is giving more power and love them and letting herself fully feel the joy. There are many other ceremonies and healing modalities that I offer to others to really help them look at themselves honestly and with love, in order to “move through and let go of” really old baggage that no longer needs to be carried and is just weighing them down. Again, just like the physical, Kara did take responsibility of her desires and did her work with the hopes of seeing the results when the time came.

Along with all the other changes she was making, Kara felt inspired to invite friends and loved ones over for a Native American Blessingway. We felt that if she made an intention to give to the universe by making kits to give to orphans in Ruwanda, then she could (along with her friends and loved ones) create intentions for her birth where the universe and God would give back to her. Read more about Native American blessingways. I felt blessed to be at such a sacred ceremony where loved wrote intentions for Kara’s birth on beautiful postcards and pictures and then verbally shared them for all to hear. This energy from others would then help her at the upcoming birth event. She put together a gorgeous collage of pictures she could look at while birthing, with the hopes that the love and energy from others would help and assist her while bringing her child into the world.

From what I saw, she received more than just desired results, we all saw miracles. She called me early in the morning on the day of her delivery, telling me she was having consistent contractions but that she was still in very little pain. She then called again several hours later to inform me that they were now stronger and even though they weren’t as painful as she knew they could and might be, she wanted me to come and be present for her. I arrived within an hour of her call to see, in awe, Kara relaxing on her bed while her husband was loving her through each contraction. From what I saw of her, I questioned if she was even in active labor yet. She looked so calm and serene and at peace with what was taking place. I arrived at approximately 4:00 pm.

We discussed my checking her dilation but she was afraid she wouldn’t have advanced to the extent she wanted to. I could tell that even though she didn’t look it, she was doing some really great work and I felt she would be farther along than she thought she was. This ended up being the case. Kara’s previous deliveries were quite long with the shortest being 16 hours in length. After each child, she has had significant blood loss with the last being so severe that there were complications that had to be immediately attended to. I felt that because Kara had fully taken care of and responsibility for this pregnancy and birth, that this experience would be different in more ways than one, which it absolutely was.

Kara ended up delivering her own baby at 6:22 pm, only 2 and a half hours after I arrived. She had a very peaceful waterbirth with her husband sitting behind her and supporting her in many more ways than just physically. She listened to the needs of her body and made the needed movement changes for comfort and delivery. Then when the time came, Kara caught and brought to the breast, her own baby with loved ones and her other children surrounding her. We figured that total labor time was about 5 hours. A BIG difference from the previous 16 hours of labor. We recognized her past history bleeding patterns and took into account any excess bleeding that could take place. She almost immediately put the baby to the breast to initiate uterian contractions. We moved her to the bed and watched her closely. She again, took responsibility of what was taking place she ingested the needed herbs and fluids that might help her body halt any excess bleeding. The assistance of prayer was ever constant throughout her whole birth process. Her bleeding never became severe enough that there was any concern. I watched, almost in disbelief knowing her previous experiences, at how controlled and stable her body was during this process. In the end, she felt amazingly strong and she glowed radiantly from the love that surrounded her.

This is only one of several instances where I have seen a woman “do her work” to create the outcome she desires. I wish this process could be witnessed by every mother who is pregnant or desiring to become so. I thank Kara for letting me share her story with others with the hopes that any woman reading this will feel her heart leap with joy in knowing that she to can truly have and create what she wants in ALL aspects of her life. That with honesty, openness, a soft heart, responsibility and LOTS of prayer, we can use and trust our inner knowing to aspire to make the changes for ourselves, with the hopes of seeing those changes also take place within the next and future generations. My prayer and belief is that this can and does happen everyday. I hope that every woman can and will feel empowered to make the needed changes to make the world a better place for everyone and everything living in it by just recognizing her own creative power with the universe. The hand that rocks the cradle TRULY DOES rule the world!!