Enzymes are like a lock and key to opening the cell structure to assimilating nutrients. Grains, nuts and seeds have “enzyme inhibitors” that enable them to store for longer periods of time than a fruit or vegetable. By soaking and sprouting them, the inhibitors are broken and they are much more easily digestible. When we eat food that has not been heated and the enzymes are still intact, the whole process of digestion is immensely eased. When we eat a mostly cooked food diet, up to 75% of the energy stores within the body, can be used merely in digestion and absorption. Enzymes are then taken from within the pancreas, liver, bone and tissue and all of the body becomes overworked and eventual internal breakdown can takes place. When we eat foods with the enzymes intact, it can take as little as 25% of the bodies energy stores to digest it. This eases the body’s energy to aid in healing and create ideal health. When we choose to eat raw foods, overall assimilation and absorption of the nutrients from our foods, I believe, are much, much greater. This aids in achieving the full bodied health that is desired.