I just found out last night that Becky is going to be out of town when I am supposed to teach my class on June 15th. I am sad, of course but am now trying to decide what to do. I think I will still keep the class Q & A but I am wondering if it might be interesting to everyone to have my son come and talk about his experiences with being raw. I think he has been all raw now for 8 months or so. I asked him last night if he wanted to teach with me and he was VERY excited about that. Maybe he could just come and tell his story and how he has felt and so on. I thought this might be fun for people who want to bring some older children who are wanting to make some changes but might feel outside pressure not to. I don’t know! So…what does everyone think? Email me or post a comment and let me know. I hope as many people will still attend even without Becky! It won’t be the same but I hope just as educational and exciting.

Yesterday I actually had some bowel cramping. I haven’t had any in over 2 1/2 years since my last surgery. It wasn’t too severe. I am wondering if it was something I ate or it is a cleansing reaction. I had forgotten what cramping felt like. It did take me back a little to that fear place I was at when I used to get my reoccuring obstructions. In the past, when an obstruction hit, my bowels completely stopped working. Last night, my heart was SO full of gratitude that they were still working and things were moving through.

I have been digging deep emotionally lately. I do believe that this is where the cramping came from. Remember that even though we may have a physcial “reason” as to why we are feeling the cramping, like I could say that I ate something or did this or that, I physically created that situation from an emotional place for myself to be able to look at whatever I needed to and release it. This is what I did last night and found that I was relieved through the process. I find it interesting that my jaw was aching right along with it. I hadn’t really chewed anything yesterday that would have made my jaw that sore but from my study of the bowel, it is truly connect to all other parts of my body. Whatever I was emotionally releasing through my bowel, must have been connected to the pain in my jaw. I think our bodies are SO cool!! What a gift!

So here is what I ate yesterday. I think maybe eating seedless and not completely ripe watermelon did give me more gas. I am a FIRM believer in eating seeded melons. When they are seedless they have been hybridized to the extent that they are basicially a neutered plant. They are sexless and can no longer reproduce. Now tell me how can that be healthy for you! NO way!

Wednesday, June 6th:
Lots of watermelon
2 large organic mangos that my husband bought me for a treat
2 bananas
Then some mild cramping began with some diaherrea, then it passed for awhile and I am sure I shouldn’t have eaten my green soup but did anyway.
1 quart green soup

Then I just drank water the rest of the night. There is an EXCELLENT I heard from a friend. It is: THE SOLUTION TO POLLUTION IS DILUTION! So basicially any time we feel we over did it with our eating or are cleansing harshly or what not is to drink lots of water so the body can gently process things in a more efficent manner. Pretty cool eh?

As for today, I haven’t had anything to eat yet just drank lots more water. I have had some more really cool spiritual insights I will talk about on my next post! Until then!

Abundant peace to all,