My dear friend, DeLynn, sent this to me today. I loved it enough to share it with all of you! It gave me hope that all the emotional/spiritual work I have been doing so rigourously is also adding in changing my children and those I love. Thanks DeLynn. Something I already believed but DEFINITELY needed a reminder. Abundant peace, Rachel
After the dust has settled from the holiday dinners and family occasions, I thought it an appropriate time to offer a kabbalistic understanding of the nature of family.
Each of us comes into this world with a specific set of spiritual goals that must be achieved over the course of our lifetimes. These changes take place within the individual, but are not limited to the individual. Kabbalistically, children not only inherit our DNA, they also inherit a portion of our consciousness. In fact, DNA, molecules and atoms are all really different levels of consciousness.
Thus, each time a parent changes, changes are also taking place in their children. Likewise, when children embrace spirituality, beginning at the age of twelve and thirteen, any transformation they undergo will also influence their parents. A spiritual umbilical cord forever links parents, children and siblings.
When one boat rises, everyone experiences a bit of that new elevation; when one falls, everyone in the family sinks a little bit. The purpose of a family is to create an opportunity for constant interactions that allow us to discover those places within us where self-centered desire governs our behavior.
Family members have the annoying talent of triggering reactions within us, thereby giving us an opportunity not to react. Each time we forgo a selfish desire and choose selfless behavior – each time we choose our response instead of reacting – we make a change in our lives. And with each change, we receive a little more Light.
As we’ve seen, our efforts benefit our families as well, giving them additional strength to identify and transform their own selfishness. And as a family experiences the power of spiritual transformation and connects to the world of Light, those benefits extend to its friends, neighbors, and community.
As people throughout the world succeed in moving away from the dictates of the ego and toward selflessness, the entire planet is transformed into a paradise.
For the beginning of this new year, let us all realize that one great way to bring about peace on earth (and in our minds) is to be conscious and proactive at home. The more compassion and tolerance and self-awareness we show our family, the more we will see that reflected in the world at large.
Happy New Year to Everybody!
All the best,