Non-Stick Cookware Chemicals Cause 150 Percent Increase in Infertility
By Mike Adams, January 29, 2009
Is eating off non-stick cookware a new form of chemical birth control? New research published in the journal Human Reproduction reveals that women with the highest levels of Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) in their blood are 150% more likely to have difficulty conceiving a child.
PFCs are commonly used in non-stick cookware, and eating off non-stick cookware inevitably results in the consumption of these chemicals. Even so-called “diamond” non-stick surfaces are easily scratched.
A previous report by NaturalNews exposed the truth about so-called “diamond” non-stick cookware surfaces. See: http://www.naturaln html PFCs are also known to impair fetal growth, harm the liver and suppress immune system function. They’re also highly toxic to the environment, both during the manufacture and disposal of non-stick cookware products.So why do the chemicals remain legal in the U.S. and other countries? Because they’re made by powerful corporations like DuPont (the owner of the Teflon trademark).
Those corporations hold great sway over U.S. regulators, and they routinely distort the truth to hide the dangers of their chemicals.DuPont, for example, illegally withheld information about the health risks of its chemicals from the EPA, says a Bloomberg article from 2004 (http://www.ewg. org/node/ 16471). It’s almost routine these days for corporations to lie about the dangers of the chemicals they produce.To this day, DuPont insists PFOA and Teflon are perfectly safe to cook on.