My computer is still broken. I was planning on posting earlier in the week. My computer still is in the process of being fixed and then my hubbies computer kind of gave up the ghost too! LOL!! So I don’t know what is up. I am now on my mother in laws computer and wanting to be quick.

I just thought I would post an email I got today from a friend. I have posted about her blog before which you can find HERE! She is planning an unassisted childbirth with a little help from a midwife. She is taking VERY good care of herself and really trying to educate and learn about the needed things to help her have the pregnancy and birth she is really wanting. I enjoyed answering her questions and, of course, LOVE the topic of raw foods and birth. Both are one of my favorite topics of discussion.
The funny part about the email is I just had a dream about her last night. I have never actually met her, we have just become friends through the internet. But….in my dream we were having a discussion similar to the one we wrote today in the emails. Quite interesting, eh?
Here it is! My responses are in bold and her questions in normal writing.
Congrats on gaining less than 8 lbs. in your 17 weeks!! I am very impressed. In fact I have made that my own goal, to copy you. 🙂 So far I am up 4.5 lbs. after 11 weeks. I haven’t gained anything in the past couple weeks, since focusing on raw foods, so I think I can do it.
It is SO FUNNY that you emailed me today. I had a dream about you last night. I dreamt we were sitting together talking about our pregnancies and how we were eating and such. You must have felt my energy or something! So WEIRD! I LOVE it when life happens like that. I even remembered the dream quite vividly this morning. It seemed in my dream we had been friends for a long time and we were really relaxed and at ease with talking to each other. SO FUNNY!!
You know, I gained TONS of weight with my first few babies. It wasn’t until my last that I think I was starting to get the whole eating healthy, not gaining too much weight, idea down. With my second I gained 60lbs. on top of being pre-eclamptic. So…..since I know the feeling of being overweight and really feeling out of sorts after the birth of my children, I felt strongly that I didn’t want that this time. I am still eating mostly if not all raw, but lately my appetite has increased quite a bit and so if I don’t eat, I kind of turn into this lunatic who has to eat NOW or is going to die. It is a really new sensation for me. I am used to eating small meals and so I feel like I am eating SO MUCH lately. I am sure I have some emotional issues and such in regards to pregnancy and food. I have been trying to work on those and that has seemed to help. Mostly, I am trying to find that space of peace with the transitions that are taking place with my body and being ok with it all. It has been 6 years since I was last pregnant. This somewhat feels like a first time pregnancy again. I find myself worrying more than normal and such. The whole experience has just been really interesting for me.
CONGRATS on your weight too!! I figure with the way I eat and the exercise every day, I shouldn’t have a problem with too much weight gain. I am just doing my best, as I am sure you are too :), to keep myself fit and healthy and then be ok with the outcome of my weight. I am sure you didn’t need this long drawn out answers. It’s just FUN to share with someone else who understands the diet thing and both of us be pregnant at the same time.

How are you feeling in general? Are you still drinking your green stuff? I couldn’t stomach anything green for a long time but now I can do green smoothies again so it’s my goal to have one every day. Maybe I’ll grow some wheatgrass…. ?
Um…..lately I have been feeling GREAT compared to how I was feeling. But that didn’t really happen until about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Over the past month now, I have been able to exercise and keep up with my kids most of the time. I am pretty tired by the end of the day but that isn’t usually until around 8 at night or so. Sometimes I still get in that space where I feel a little freaked that I feel so good. I think I shouldn’t be but for the past couple of weeks I will periodically feel the baby move and kick and that’s always a good feeling. My kids and I have listened to the babies heartbeat a few times and that is always EXCITING!!

I am still drinking my powdered green drink which I LOVE and use as a prenatal vitamin I guess!! And I drink green smoothie everyday. My bowels don’t work near as well as I would like without both of those things. Where I am at right now, it just depends on the day and how I am feeling with what else I eat. Some days I am strict raw and others I may incorporate some steamed veggies or what not. There are days when, compared to how strict my raw diet used to be, I think I could be doing better but….I know this is where I should be at right now and most of the time I feel VERY peaceful about that. I am just playing with it and having a good time eating what sounds good and helps me to feel the most energized and at my best!! I had already decided I wasn’t going to eat 80/10/10 throughout this pregnancy and I feel VERY HAPPY with that decision. I actually feel better somedays now than when I was eating that strict which only tells me this is where I should be. Growing wheatgrass is a GREAT idea. I thought about doing that. It is part of my powered greens so I haven’t worried too much about it.

What are you doing for prenatals? I am doing my own, which is just weighing, maybe blood pressure, reviewing my diet and reflecting on my spiritual, mental, emotional health. Would you suggest anything more?

I haven’t really done anything for prenatals, to be honest. I have listened to heart tones a few times, like I said but other than that I haven’t done anything real physical. Like you state, I focus on my spiritual, emotional and physical well being mostly. I am somewhat keeping track of my weight just for my benefit, really. I keep an emotional journal and try to write in that as much as I can. I read and write daily affirmations for myself. I LOVE some of the new ones I have come up with lately. I think they are helping me more than anything else right now, aside from my daily prayers and meditations. I think the BEST thing you can do for yourself in regards to prenatals is what you have already stated. Along, with REALLY educating yourself, which I am VERY SURE you are doing. I think it’s important you learn how to recognize any complications and know what to do if any arise. It sounds like you are taking responsibility for yourself and baby and that I think is the IDEAL thing for being in charge of what you want and trying to create it.
What week am I supposed to be able to feel the fundus? Any other markers to be aware of that could confirm gestation?
Feeling the fundus can be different for every woman. If you have had more than one child, your uterus made grow quicker than a woman who it is her first child. Usually between 12-16 weeks you can feel the top of the fundus. By 20 weeks, it usually is flush with the belly button which is the half way mark. The growth rate of the fundus correlates with your weeks + or – 4 cm. That is norm. So any day now you should be able to feel it. It’s really AWESOME when you can feel it and know about the measurement you are at. Hopefully, this is all helpful. If you have any other questions, let me know. It is always great to chat with you. God bless,Rachel

Thanks a lot!

I really have been so GRATEFUL that I have been feeling so good. Somedays I think I shouldn’t be feeling as good as I am. The other day, I only ended up getting about 6 hours of sleep and found that I was a bit more tired than normal, I was still able to function pretty good and stay energized all day.
Oh, and like I mention up top, it has been AWESOME to feel the little butterfly kicks every now and again. I do have to be sitting really still and looking for it to really feel it. It is still SO light and if I didn’t already notice how it feels, I might not have even noticed it. I feel all giddy inside every time I feel it. That is my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. Just feeling that little light and life inside you. I LOVE that part of my husband is in me and together we created this sweet, AMAZING little life. SO COOL!!
Abundant peace to all,