I believe what we put in our mouths BEFORE pregnancy is VITAL to the health and nutrition of our future children.  If you saw my post  “Conscious Conception to Birth-Visualized & Realized”, you would have watched the “Cellular Echoes” video where Bruce Lipton discusses how the DNA of the cell structures for the egg and the sperm is IMPRINTING and SET two months PRIOR to conception.  This means that how well your taking care of yourself months BEFORE conception defines the health of your future baby.  Not what you were eating just the month before.

Our GROOVY green 1970’s Champions Juicer-Still runs like a CHAMP!

 Below are 3 videos of our morning juice here in our house.  Please forgive us for the blurriness of some of the videos.  We just recently bought this camera and are still learning how to use it.  We’re hoping our WONDERFUL audience (you guys) will be patient with us as we learn the camera.  🙂

Apples, celery, carrots, beets, lemons and ginger= DELICIOUS!

As I state in the video below, one of the ingredients we normally put into our morning juice is beets.  Beets are GREAT before conception because they help to increase fertility by increasing good estrogen and removing bad estrogen.  Here is David Wolfe describing it quite well.  There is a part 2 to this video you can find on You Tube….if your interested.

Getting our hormones in proper balance is good for us and GREAT to promote conception.  The majority of us eat VERY poor diets.  Poor in nutrients, poor in enzymes, poor in pretty much everything.  Aside from the fact that our food carries poor nutrient content, on top of it we are putting all kinds of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc….and spraying these products on our foods. You can read about what I consider the HEALTHIEST diet on my Raw Foods page. 

Once we denature something SO much from its natural form, it becomes almost impossible for our bodies to assimilate and absorb our food properly.  This might be beneficial for the case of so many poisons being on our foods but when it comes to our health, without proper nutrient absorption and consistent waste excretion we are in a WORLD of HURT.  Juicing creates EXTREMELY nutrient dense food matter AND help to expel and eliminate unwanted toxins within our bodies.

How well your digestive system works SETS the stage for your overall physical health and well being.  Dr. Christopher teaches their truly is ONLY one disease.  Its CONSTIPATION!  I completely agree.  Without our digestive system being truly clean and fine tuned, we will NEVER have the physical vitality we are looking for.

I absolutely ADORE my morning/afternoon juice.  I feel GREAT after drinking it.  Its FULL of nutrient, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants….etc.  Juicing is an EXCELLENT way to get loads of nutrients in without having to utilize much of the bodies needed energy.  With the extra energy, you can take care of needed tasks throughout the day without feeling tired or weighed down in anyway.

Mabel and Pratt getting in on the Juicing Action!

So I hope you enjoy our little videos about juicing.  This is just one way I’m preparing to get pregnant here in the next few months.  I will be posting LOTS more on how to increase fertility and really get your body ready to create and care for another human life.  Juicing is just ONE of many ways to help feed your body with nutrient rich foods that aid in cleansing, rejuvenation and rebuilding of the body. 

Its very important that your body is in IDEAL health so no nutrient depletion happens for you while your pregnant.  Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take a toll on your health. When feeding another life, its whats inside YOU that is being withdrawn from your system for you little one. The healthier you are and the better care your taking of yourself will make a HUGE difference with how you feel before, during and after your pregnancy and truthfully, can effect your life long health.

In Peace,

P.S. As I state in the video below, I’m a HUGE proponent of organic food.  I am MUCH more afraid of chemicals than I am germs.  I believe all the chemicals on our foods can actually work AGAINST fertility.  Miscarriages seem to be at an all time high and I believe all the unnatural, synthetic byproducts being placed on and inside our foods are most DEFINITELY part of the problem.  I will post more on that later.  I just wanted to emphasize the need for organic, HIGHLY nutritive foods to help increase fertility.  Non organic foods could potentially only do the opposite.