I had to share this today.    It made me cry.  I love my children in EVERY way possible and this article brought up some WONDERFUL emotions.  My oldest turns 16 tomorrow.  I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown.  I didn’t ever realize the rush of time that would pass without my even recognizing it.

As I think back on my pregnancy, labor, birth and life thereafter with Dean, I’ve been saddened as he becomes a teenager and a man.  To watch your children grow up with the eventual goal of leaving your home to form their own families, is both heart breaking and exciting at the same time.

I’ve shed many, many tears as I watch Dean become who he REALLY is and find himself.  Though, at times, its painful and overwhelming, I know his personal growth will only aid in him delightful new ways.

While reading this article and watching the video below, I realized, yet again, that my babies will really never leave it.  That because they were created from my egg and were grown in my belly, they would be part of me forever.  Its so exhilarating to have science now prove that our children’s cells are actually forever in our bodies.  Especially in our hearts…..

I LOVE the world of science and what it is now proving.  So many things we used to believe were just weird, strange ideas and philosophies, science is now proving is actually a REALITY!

When I ponder the loss I might feel in watching my children grow up, I will stay focused on the parts of themselves I gave them and they gave me.  That we will ALWAYS be connected and NEVER apart!
I hope all mothers out there will do the same.

In Peace,