Steep 1 cup spearmint tea

In a blender finely chop 2 cups unsweetened coconut
Add: 3/4 cup pitted dates [9 medjool dates]
1/4 cup raw carob powder
30 fresh spearmint leaves or 4 tsp dried/crushed spearmint leaves about 1 cup of spearmint tea [add for consistency]

After well blending these ingredients add 1 Tbs psyllium powder. Use round tablespoon measuring spoon to shape into dollar-size patties andplace on dehydrator trays. Flatten with spoon back. Dehydrate about 1-2hours at 105 degrees. turn over and dehydrate 30minutes-1 hour or more,as needed.*Peppermint can be used instead of Spearmint

~Doris and Dee Olsen