It’s, of course, no surprise to me that children who have been vaccinated have potential health issues that children who haven’t…. DON’T!  Come on guys, let’s just be honest here, we are putting a virus or bacteria into the human system in such a way that the body struggles to FIGHT that virus or bacteria through it’s normal route of doing so.

You can read a great blog post I made a few months back about vaccinations below.  Please take the time to read it.  It is VERY informative!

Vaccinations-Most Definitely NOT What They Are Cracked Up To Be & Oh, BTW…Know The FACTS!!

Let me explain what I mean.  The human system has areas of the body which infection can enter.  The eyes, nose, and mouth….etc.  There are other areas of the body that infection can enter but the majority of infection is passed from hand to mouth or hand to nose.

Let’s just look at our mouth, for example.  There are LYMPH and GLANDS within the mouth that starts initiating the process of fighting bacteria BEFORE it even enters the body.  This way the body can start building the needed white blood cells and such to combat the ailment before it might completely take hold and you totally get sick.

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The way vaccinations work is, as most everyone knows, is that they inject the actual virus or bacteria directly into the blood stream instead of presenting it through the mouth and nose in order to build a immune response from the body to start taking action on fighting the infectious materials.

Now I know there are some new vaccine that they inject through the nose, like the flu shot.  Which don’t get me started on the flu shot because I think it’s ABSOLUTELY ridiculous since we have like so many flu strains and they decide to just pick a couple that they think will be the worst.  Truth be told, all we are doing with the flu shot is giving people the flu so they can then pass it on to everyone else around them.  Not sure where the logic is in that!  But ok……

When we inject a vaccination into the body WITHOUT the normal, healthy immune response taking place, by the glands and lymph of the body, it only makes logical sense to me, (but what do I know) that the body would struggle to know how to really integrate and utilize the vaccination in the proper fashion to fight infection.  The infectious material then sits and floats within the body finding space to land.

I know my opinion on this is quite simplistic but once the vaccine enters the system you then have all kinds of foreign materials that the body has no idea how to integrate properly because it hasn’t entered the system by means of stimulating a immune response.  Without that immune response, you have not battled and fought off the virus/bacteria to build immunity to it.

An example of this would be someone who decides to get the chicken pox vaccine.  Another RIDICULOUS vaccine, IMO! They may not get the chicken pox as a child but they may go on to get shingles as an adult.  If they really did build an immunity to the actual chicken pox vaccination, why in the world is shingles presenting itself later in life?

My opinion……all they did was let that vaccination enter the system, wreek havoc on the body by potential lowering the immune system, not making it stronger because the body isn’t really fighting anything.  And then….later in life, when the immune system is potentially struggling in some way…..WHAMO! …..the bacteria takes hold and actually creates MORE of a problem than just getting the chicken pox as a child would.

Ok, I’m shutting up now.  Just read the article below and find out for yourself how vaccinations can have LONG TERM effects on the health of your child.

“Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children.”

Lastly, vaccinations CAN be deadly.  Read the information from your doctors office on the side effects of vaccinations……the last side effect is DEATH!  Read below about the poor baby that recently died because of her vaccinations.  And then…..send up prayers for their family! 
“A one month old baby whose parents warned doctors that she was ill and had a cough, has died within hours of receiving routine vaccination for Hepatitis B, DPT and oral polio after doctors decided to proceed with immunization anyway.”
So….there’s my two cents on the subject….for whatever it’s worth.  🙂 

Have a GREAT weekend!

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