OH my GOODNESS! Yesterday was my 12th wedding anniversary. It was quite an interesting day. On Saturday evening, we were invited to a FUN evening with our other Medicine Man named James. We met some really AMAZING people! I was glad to be there and share in the connection with others.

It was interesting because during the day on Saturday, I had a situation arise where I had some SERIOUS feelings of guilt spring forth. SO LOVELY!! I had been talking with a loved one about some deep subjects that are near and dear to both of our hearts and OH NO, here we go again, more STUFF to release. Honestly, up until that moment the week had been BEAUTIFUL emotionally. (besides the Monday stint which I am VERY grateful for) My jaw hadn’t hurt at all! I have been keeping to my diet of smoothies, soups, juices and soft fruits. So I hadn’t eaten anything AT ALL that would aid in any pain in my jaw through chewing.
I must say, I am in awe of the process of feeling how when emotions arise, it can coincide with physical pain or vice versa. So soon after this conversation with my loved one, my jaw proceeded to start hurting ALOT! I had made my green soup to take to James’ house and when we got there, I was very nauseated from the jaw pain. I ended up eating 3 bananas which were tasty. I was so GRATEFUL they were soft and sweet. As the evening wore on, it started feeling a bit better but I was still VERY uncomfortable. By the time we got home, it was hurting enough again that I couldn’t sleep. I was SO tired and worn out that I did my best to relax and finally fell asleep about 2 o’clock in the morning.
As you can imagine, I awoke Sunday morning with some residual pain and EVERY negative emotion known to man welling up inside me. I proceeded to cry and release. Chris lit a candle and once again, I did my best to let go of more pain I was carrying. I think it is AMAZING how in marriage, we mirror each other emotionally. While I am bringing up and releasing all my “stuff”, Chris has all of his “stuff” start to come out too. In the past, this would have NOT been pretty. I think it could have gone a bit better yesterday but it ended up being MUCH better than it had been in the past. Whoa, I was so THANKFUL for that! I still felt blessed in all my sadness and pain.
I called David when it escalated to the point that I couldn’t see what I needed to. Because he has dealt with this before, he was much clearer than I and helped me move through quickly and VERY easily. Within a short while, I felt MUCH better and said another prayer of gratitude that I had some reprieve from my physical and emotional pain.
Then last night for our anniversary, we were invited to our good friend’s Sarah house for dinner and cards. We brought David along with us. Our kids played and I personally enjoyed KICKING butt at the card game, Hand and Foot. For those of you who haven’t played it, I recommend you try it. We are now addicted!!
Well, as the night went on, my jaw pain began to become severe enough that I was having a hard time concentrating. David taught us an EXCELLENT technique to use when you are not sure what is going on but you need pain released immediately. This isn’t much different than energy work that I have done in the past but it is quite effective and actually works quicker. The great thing about it is anyone can do it. You don’t need to know any “energy work skills” to be able to help. We lit a candle and Chris came and placed his left hand on my cheek, where the pain was at, while extending the other hand towards the lit candle. As soon as he touched it, I felt the energy move and, at first, it actually hurt more than it had been. But soon thereafter, as he searched his heart and mind for emotional or spiritual reasons why I might be feeling this pain, I felt a release and relaxation that was EXTREMELY beneficial to heal my pain. At that moment, my heart was softened that my husband would love me enough to do this for me. I felt blessed that the pain was subsiding and I thanked God for it. We then proceeded to go on and do some more emotional releasing through sending my pain to the Creator. I felt TONS better by the time we were done. It, once again, was an AMAZING experience. Really, I feel honored that I get to experience this on a weekly (and this week bi-weekly or more)basis. Once you start this process of cleansing, I find your Spirit decides to move as quickly as possible so you can feel peace. I feel blessed to have the Grace of God work in my life.
Like I have stated previous, I want to add that processing this much in a week in not necessarily “normal” for me or anyone else I know. I do believe that the recent change in my diet has created a internal alkalization and higher vibration process where my Spirit has the resources to let go with ease and simplicity. This was my intention when starting this change. As you can see, I am receiving what I asked for. Very quickly too, I might add. My friend Sarah has also found the outcome to be the same for her. She made the same decision to become clear and present as quickly as possible right now. She is doing BEAUTIFULLY and getting exactly what she wants. I just LOVE it!!
One other story I would like to tell (and then I will talk about what I have been eating) I was asked to share to you all by my Medicine Man David. A few weeks ago Sarah called and asked if I would look at her 2 1/2 year old son Jean’s skin. The day before he has broken out in very uncomfortable and itching hives, all over his body. She came over in the early afternoon and it was apparent something was up. He was running around playing and seemed to be okay but it was apparent that he was uncomfortable and they ITCHED! I found my homemade plantain ointment, along with some lavender essential oil, and rubbed it all over his hives while asking him a few questions. Here is our conversation.
Me: “So Jean-o, are you sad?”
Jean: “No”
Me: “Are you angry?”
Jean: “No”
Me: “Are you scared?”
Jean: starting to look upset, “YES!!”
Me: “Jean, what are you scared of?”
Jean: “I don’t know”
Then his older brother proceeds to pipe up and says that he is scared of monsters. So then I ask.
Me: “Are you scared of monster?”
Jean: noticeably upset, “Yes”
Me: “Is your Daddy gone and you don’t feel safe?”
Jean: “yes”
Then he runs off to play and seems to be fine. It is obvious he longer wants to talk about it which is great with me. I NEVER pressure any of my children or children I might help, to say anything they don’t feel comfortable talking about. Well later, I am helping Sarah and Tiara (her daughter) get clear on a few things in their relationship. They are releasing and doing so GREAT!! Jean, who had been running around and playing up to this point, came up and tugged on Sarah and told her he wanted to “talk to Jesus too!” So here is our conversation , as best as I can remember.

Me: “Jean-o come and sit on my lap and you can hold the candle and talk to Jesus. You want to?”
Jean: very excited and running over to me, “Yeah”
Me: “Okay Jean, I want you to look at the candle and say to Jesus, when my Daddy is away I feel very scared”
Jean: showing signs of being upset and starts to cry says “When my Daddy is away I feel very scared”
Sarah is watching this is awe, as am I too, and we are noticing all the fear wrapped around having his Daddy gone and not feeling safe. She proceeds to cry with me and we are just AMAZED how in tune this little, tiny child is with his feelings and how quickly he understood the process of releasing them to the Creator. It was so BEAUTIFUL, let me tell ya. I went on and asked him if he felt safe with his Mommy and he cried some more and said he didn’t. I asked him to ask Jesus to help him feel safe and he said he wouldn’t. So I asked him if he was mad at Jesus and he said yes. He then immediately hopped off my lap and went and played. Even though Sarah is working hard at helping him to understand his feelings and he is doing so GREAT, if you ask him if he loves Jesus he will tell you NO!
Watching this process for both Sarah and I, was an extremely eye opening experience. We assume, as parents, that our children are not really in touch with their feelings and they are to young to understand them. This experience taught me this is NOT so, in the least! I have decided they understand better than we do. They are open and honest with them to the extent that sometimes we feel they are being rude. I have learned, WE SHOULD LISTEN!! It is the VERY best thing we can do for them, ourselves and our relationships with them.
I knew that Jean had released enough to soon get over his hives. I believe the hives were the physical manifestation of his fear. His Daddy was his only safe place, since you can see he doesn’t feel Jesus is safe, so when he is gone life is a struggle. Simisi, Jean’s Dad, returned home the next day. Within hours of his return, the hives were completely gone. Is this a coincidence? I think not.
Okay, so today has been a VERY long post. I need to start taking some pics so it make things a bit FUNNER!! The eating thing is still going strong. Friday night at the party was a bit hard just because I was craving a bit more. I was in pain and REALLY wanted to emotionally eat. But even though I wanted to, I couldn’t. My life is EXTREMELY ironic that way.
So Saturday May 19th I ingested:
1 quart of grapefruit juice with green powder
1 quart + 2 cups banana/berry smoothie
3 dates
1 cup green soup that made me sicker because the seaweed didn’t blend up well enough
3 bananas
2 cups grapefruit juice
You can see I didn’t eat much because of the jaw pain. Same for Sunday with the residual pain.
Sunday, May 20th:
1 quart grapefruit juice with green powder
1 quart + 2 cups comfrey/lemon balm/lemon/apple/celery juice
2 bananas
2 quarts of green soup which consisted of spinach/celery/red bell pepper/peas/sea lettuce and dulse/grapefruit juice. It was DELICIOUS!!
6 kiwis
a bunch of peeled grapes
Yesterday was a really good eating day and I LOVE my green soup!! I hope everyone has a HAPPY Monday!
Peace and health to all,