This will be a shorter post. I have found that if I wait too long to post what I ate, I forget it. Like with the last post, I forgot to post that I had some durian. Just one piece but I wanted to make sure I got in everything I had been eating. My diet is still pretty boring though, if I say so myself. If you start seeing a patteren here, sorry!! Here is what I ate yesterday and today.

Monday, May 21st:
1 quart grapefruit juice with green powder
2 bananas
2 quarts green smoothies which consisted of spinach/bananas/berries
2 cups chopped bananas/strawberries with date pate’ which was dates and lemon juice
2 cups grapefruit juice with green powder
Tuesday, May 22nd:
1 quart grapefruit juice with green powder
1 quart + 3 cups smoothies of bananas/berries
1 quart + 2 cups green soup which was spinach/celery/peas/red bell pepper/dulse & sea lettuce/grapefruit juice + 3 whole grapefruits
I will probably end the day with another quart of juice with green powder
Not too exciting! Maybe tomorrow it will change. I was thinking I really wanted some more date pate’ with bananas. That was SO DELISH!!
The last couple of days have been pretty low key. I have felt a little overwhelmed because I have a friend who is a week overdue, another who has a breech baby, and my sister who has been contracting for the last several weeks and is still only 36 weeks pregnant and can’t WAIT to have her baby! All who want me at their births. WOW! I am REALLY excited for them all. I figure I will be busy for the next month. I am really excited too because in June I get to take a suturing class from a VERY good teacher. I have taken one before but this one will be much more thorough and in depth. I am really anxious for everything I get to learn.
I have been reading through my “Spiritual Midwifery” book. It is an EXCELLENT book on childbirth. It was one of the very first books I started reading when I began my apprenticeship. It is written by a woman named Ina May Gaskin. She is AMAZING! In the 70’s, she created and formed The Farm. You can read all about it on both of the links I just highlighted. They are both GREAT website!! I think it would be a BLAST to go and visit The Farm just feel and experience it. Maybe some day soon I will.
Here is a quote from the book that I felt is so BEAUTIFUL! It speaks for themselves. Here’s the first one.“Once at a Zen Center picnic in Golden Gate Park, I saw Suzuki do what I felt was a silent teaching on the nature of Enlightenment. When he arrived at the gathering he saw a baby blanket on the ground and he lay there a while in his black robes, rolled up in a lacy pink baby blanket.” ~Stephan Gaskin

Isn’t that so cute? You just picture this grown, very inspired man feeling his deep love for his inner child. How many of us EVER do this? At this point in time in my life, I have a little girl inside of me, who is LONGING to be loved. Life tore her down at a very young age and I have NEVER forgiven myself or her for past grievances. When I read this quote, I just felt this overwhelming presence where I knew it was ok to let myself feel the loss of childhood. To go ahead and let life be FUN and NEW again. That life CAN be curious, in ALL regards. I just LOVED it!!

This is my new intention for the next little while. I truly believe that when I forgive myself, I open this space for more love and peace. Not only for me but for the rest of the world. When I forgive myself, the vibrational ball of healing begins to roll. From me, to my husband, to my children, to their friends, to their parents, and on and on. I KNOW this takes place. I have seen it happen in my life and the lives of so many loved ones and friends. I pray that while this forgiveness process takes place, we can all liberate any non beneficial emotions! As this takes place, the replacement of highest form of gratitude will fill our hearts and bodies.

There it is for today. Good night! Sleep well and dream of all the LOVING angels. Let them teach you!!
Peace and health to all,