I am HAPPY to be alive! I had a really cool day yesterday. At last minute, we decided to hold another sweat lodge ceremony. I LOVE sweating! I love the preparation. I love the process. I most of all LOVE watching others get clear and open by letting the love of the whole universe into their hearts. This is my favorite part. I am extremely honored when people feel safe enough to enter my home and my lodge to begin a deep and ever changing healing experience. WOW~

I must say how grateful I am for the dietary changes I have been making recently. As you all know, I have been striving to hydrate, cleanse, rebuild and alkalize in my own little way. Normally during and after a lodge, because of the emotional and physical releasing that is taking place, you can have ALL kinds of “cleansing reactions” as you might call them. Whether that be headaches, nausea, crying, or fear and so on and so forth. I have had all of these feelings at some time or another during or after the ceremony. It always amazes me what we hold onto that is no longer serving us. The sweat aids in the process of releasing and letting go any of that baggage.

But the sweat lodge is not just about releasing. It is MOSTLY about rebirth and renewal. The love we feel for ourselves and each other is truly a blessing from heaven. It helps us to unburden as we become reconnected with our Source and others. It helps us to understand ourselves and our loved ones a bit better each time we enter and exit a lodge. We gain the opportunity to refresh our presence in the world and how each choice we made changes the WHOLE world, in one way or another. I am telling you, it is a GLORIOUS experience each and every time.

Oh, the coolest part about the lodge is that my 7 year old daughter came in with us for the 1st round. She said she really liked it but felt inspired to leave after that. I was happy to know she was already learning how to listen to her own intuition. I was SO proud of her strength and courage. I felt so blessed that she was my daughter and wanted to be there to help herself and others. She has been blessed with MANY gifts. When some of the people were struggling after the lodge, she was willing and ready to help them through by using those gifts. I am hoping to put together a very easy and mild sweat for children. Those of you who might be interested in something like that, let me know. I will make sure it happens.

Another special experience came through my good friend of mine named Sarah. She has been doing dietary changes also. Like me, she has decided to cut out fat and salt for awhile and has been drinking LOTS of water, along with eating greens and fruits. In this place, her body reached a higher vibration of vitality to be able to really dig deep into her desired intentions for the sweat. It is because of this vitality and excess of strength, that she was able to release so much. She had prepared herself both physically and spiritually for that to take place. I read a GREAT saying a friend made up on one of the groups I am on. I LOVED it and think it is appropriate for here. it’s called the 6 P’s. PLENTIFUL PERSONAL PREPARATION PROMOTES PERFECT PERFORMANCE! This is definitely what Sarah did. I must say, I was in AWE as I watched her release LARGE amounts of anger and resentment that she had been holding onto for years. I truly believe that because she was willing to make the inspired physical changes she made, her spirit was ready to open and really dig in deep the way she had been wanting for months!! SO AWESOME!

I was really grateful to be able to assist at the lodge. This is my favorite part. When I am able to deal with my own stuff well, I find that I can be of some help to others especially those who have chosen to really get clear. This is the FUNNEST part for me. This makes all the work and preparation for what I do TOTALLY worth it. To watch people become one with others and their Creator, helps you to understand in your own heart, your worth along with theirs. If they are loved, then you know you must be too! Thanks to all who shared this experience with me yesterday. I will be taking pictures of my lodge today and posting those for all of you.

So…the food thing is still going strong. Chris and I got invited to a friends how tonight for a get together. It sounds so FUN and I am excited. He was anxious to make me food that I would eat. He was going to marinate some veggies for grilling and said he would marinate some for me without grilling them. At the time, I said ok because I was feeling really bad about not eating what he was going to make. I think it is almost worse sometimes when people go to the effort to make something you would eat and you still can’t or won’t eat it. LAME!!! I have been pondering and praying over eating it and finally decided to call him this morning to tell him I am eating a funky diet right now and that I am choosing to stick with that. I am working on some issues of feeling really bad, like I am letting him down. But I feel inspired to stay the course with what I am doing right now and know he is the type of man who will DEFINITELY understand my situation. I am, of course, bringing food as always. This will make it easier to eat while there without eating what is being made. I always recommend taking food to any function you attend where food will be present. This is the easiest way to get around making sure you are eating with others.

Here is what I ate yesterday. I was preparing for the sweat ceremony so all I had was:
1/2 a watermelon
1 quart grapefruit juice with green powder
LOTS and LOTS of water to stay well hydrated

Then after the ceremony:
Lots more watermelon
handful of grapes
I waited about 20 minutes for those to digest so I wouldn’t be food combining. Then I ate my green soup which consisted of spinach/celery/cucumber/red bell pepper/grapefruit juice/sea lettuce. It was again DELICIOUS!!

There it all is! Until tomorrow!
Love to all,