How we handle our newborns does thoroughly and powerfully impress on them how to perceive and integrate the world around them.  How we touch, speak to and deal with our newborn will FOREVER create an imprinting of how to trust the world and feel deep connections and bonding.  When that touch is unlike the video below, their sense of themselves and the world around them become adulterated and changed to where negative thought patterns and false beliefs creep into their systems and their psyches.

So I’m normally not a big fan of bathing a newborn.  In fact, I feel it can disrupt bonding, healing vernix that is on the skin to keep the babies immune system nice and strong, and can cause the baby to struggle to regulate body temperatures. 

I guess after watching this video I am seeing the benefits of it especially in these conditions and this environment.  The video below is WONDERFUL!  Quite meditative and relaxing.  Just watch the baby as the woman moves him/her back and forth in and out of the water.  You feel a sense of serenity and peace just watching it.

I am posting this video today because I believe THIS is how babies want to be touched, handled, moved and dealt with.  They LONG for gentility and simplicity in their interactions.  Especially right after birth! 

About 7 years ago, I entered with ER with a severe bowel obstruction.  I had 2 bowels surgeries within my month stay in the ICU.  I still remember when I awoke from my surgeries, how intense and overwhelming even communicating with others was. 

I could tell my nervous system was in extreme hyper mode.  Every touch, sound, and light was so stimulating that when I first awoke, I had to cover my face or even make strange sounds to help me cope with the tension and anxiety I was feeling.

I look back on that experience now believing that it was a AMAZING opportunity to truly understand more deeply what our brand new little ones might be feeling RIGHT AFTER entering our world.  When a nurse would enter my room and proceed to treat me without forewarning me of what poking or prodding she might be doing, I would find myself having a panic attack.

Three and a half weeks into my hospital stay, I had finally had it with the daily x-rays, new pick lines being placed, constant needles being injected into me and so I asked them to STOP!  I stated that I felt part of the reason I wasn’t healing was because they just wouldn’t leave me alone and I was not receiving enough emotional support for the way I was being treated. 

I requested that they give me a full 24 hours of no touching, poking and needles to be able to take a break from the trauma I was experiencing.  After that 24 hours, I was released within the next 2 days. 

I believe because our babies systems are so HYPER SENSITIVE their little nervous systems cannot cope with the rough handling and abusive nature we put on them at birth.  The reason I ADORE this video is because it shows us EXACTLY how babies want to be interacted with.  How they long for slow movements, for soft touch, for delicate words and serene interactions with their care takers.

Notice how, even though we can’t hear it, you see the women’s mouth moving in the video.  I’m assuming she’s talking to him sharing with him what she is doing each and every moment she is doing it.  Its nice to think that our babies really don’t understand what we are saying so there is no need to explain to them what we might be doing to them.  This is a false opinion. 

Babies want to be told BEFORE you change their diapers.  Babies want to be told before you change their clothes or move them or hand them over to someone else.  Whatever action you take with your babies, they LONG for an introduction into that action. 

When my nurse entered my hospital room explaining to be the procedure she or the doctor were going to perform, my anxiety diminished greatly.  When a nurse walked into my room in the middle of the night to draw my blood, roughly awoke me and proceeded to poke me without an explanation….I found I was angry and hurt.  Our babies feel these same emotions, I promise.

Lastly, I have concluded that sometimes an infant crying is a mechanism they use for relaxation and energy release.  There was one night in the ICU when I was feeling intensely overstimulated.  It was a busy night in the ER and bright lights and loud beeps where seen and heard in my room.  Because my nervous system was so sensitive, it actually felt like physical pain every time I heard the beeping sound or saw the bright lights.

In order to compensate for my pain, I made a sound I have never before made in my life.  And I made the sound all night long.  By making this sound, I was able to relax and deal much better with the overwhelming stimulation I was experiencing. 

I see no difference between my sound making and an infant’s cry.  They are so new to our world….our busy crazy, fast paced world….that crying, at times, helps them to acclimate themselves to magnitude of it all.  Let me state, I’m in NO WAY am I saying we ever let our babies cry it out.  But what I am saying is by holding your baby, gently caressing your baby, singing softly to your baby even while they are crying….helps them to feels supported and loved while in the pain.  Don’t we all need that?  I know I do.

I guess what I’m saying is I hope you don’t take this video lightly.  I hope you watch it in a quiet moment of your day really feeling the connection and harmony between this women and this baby.  Its quite FASCINATING and MAGNIFICENT all at the same time.

In my mind, its of the UTMOST importance how we handle our newborn right after they enter the world.  You’ll hear me talk about this over and over again here.  In fact, I don’t think I can say it enough as long as we believe babies don’t understand or know what is going on around them.  Until we shift the way he deal with our newborns,  our sense of connection and love will always be warped.

I’m asking that we all do our parts to care for our new arrivals with tender care.  Think of ourselves and how might we like to be talked to and touched and only do those types of motions and behaviors with our own babies.  Better yet, request that others who come into the presence of your newborn only do the same.

In Peace,

P.S. Check back soon!  I will be discussing the WONDERFUL benefits of vernix.  Super AMAZING stuff…