I thought this was an AMAZING video and SUPER exciting for those of us who live here in Utah County.  I’m planning on going and visiting the farm sometime soon.  I have a friend who has already been involved in their shares and is really LOVING it!

If you live close by and want to stop in,  I say DO IT!  Or if you aren’t able to grow your own garden at your house, go help plant at their location.  I’m a HUGE proponent of all thing sustainable and growing your food has HUGE benefits for you and your family.  Also, your helping to grow a community effort for healthier living for all involved.  Its most DEFINITELY what we need.

Oh, and for your pregnant mama’s out there….eating locally grown food from remineralized soil boosts the health of your little one as well.  When eating for two, highly nutritive foods are a MUST!  Your infant in utero will take what it needs and leave you depleted, if you are not making sure to eat ORGANIC and local produce.

Like I’ve said in other posts, indigenous women would prepare for pregnancy by building their immunity and health by eating restoring, rejuvenating foods.  These foods would be EXTREMELY high in viable nutrients so that, once she’s pregnant, they help to feed the baby with health for LIFE!

Once a fruit or vegetable is harvested, it IMMEDIATELY starts losing vital vitamins and minerals.  You can imagine when our food is being shipped to us from somewhere across the nation, it can takes days…even weeks sometimes…before its on your table.

To prevent spoilage they add pesticides, fungicides, herbicide etc. and all kinds of chemicals to halt the degradation process.  They will radiate your food as well to slow the decay.  All of these unnatural processes kill many needed vitamins and minerals.  Once that denatured, adulterated food is eaten it actually mutates and KILLS healthy cells within YOUR body causing all kinds of sickness and disease. 

When purchasing something local or even better growing it yourself, the nutrient content….the vitamins and minerals in your food are FRESH, VIBRANT and FULLY AVAILABLE for your system to assimilate and absorb. Utilizing local farmers and companies that offer sustainable and life giving products supports YOU and your local community as a whole.  The TRUTH is where your money goes is what then grows in your community.  Notice all the McDonald’s and WalMarts around here.  Imagine if we all STOPPED shopping there and only bought what was produced locally.  I believe these kinds of shifts say what is important to us and will help to build communities who support our ideologies and desires for ourselves and our families.

Below is a video describing what a CSA is, how to find local organic farmers and where to find them.  Its important to add that what you eat has a HUGE impact on your health.  Make no mistake…..  You are either fully LIVING or slowly dying just by what you put in your mouth each and everyday.  Truthfully, I am a walking miracle because of how many times my healthy diet has saved my life.  You can see this man is as well.

Raw, fresh organic, LOCAL foods heals not only you and your body but heals the community and our nation.  It brings people together and promotes the local economy, along with helping to stimulate people to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Choices that truly effect each other in the grand scheme of it all.

Changing your diet, growing your own food, spending your money at local markets, being conscious of Mother Earth and taking proper care of her makes a HUGE difference for all of us.  Healthy living is truly right at your door.  Ecstatic states of LIVING and feeling HAPPY can happen for you too!  Don’t be AFRAID to make the change NOW! You won’t regret it.  Even more importantly….you future children will THANK YOU for providing greater health for them and a more peaceful, giving world that they can enjoy being a part of. 

In Peace,