So because I truly LOVE all things healing, especially when it comes to healing through the gifts from Mother Earth, I had to post this today.  A friend of mine sent it my way knowing I’m always in AWE at the way foods can truly cure most any physical or even emotional ailment.

Its unfortunate that hemp gets a bad wrap when spoken of as a “drug” in our society.  Over the past few years, I have read more and more articles on the POSITIVE benefits of hemp and its PHENOMENAL healing qualities.  The information below is just one of many articles I’ve read about how hemp is curing all KINDS of things.  From cancer to ulcers to open wounds!

I’m still at a complete loss as to why, if we are finding so many WONDERFUL results with this plant, that its use isn’t being promoted and spread nationwide.  I’m not sure as to why we feel the need to remain in such FEAR about this plant.  It truly EXCITES me to think that people are striving to spread the word about its use for rebuilding, rejuvenating and restoring the body back to homeostasis.

Its fascinating to realize that the bulk of healing benefits that the plant provides come through maintaining its raw, fresh state instead of heating it. When heated, as stated below, you get far less of the medicinal gifts the plants gives than when ingested in its unheated state.  This, of course, makes TOTAL sense to me since I believe all things left in their raw, fresh, organic state are ALWAYS a healthier way rather than heating it.

Read the article below for more details on the subject.  Also, I have posted 2 videos on the healing benefits of hemp both in juicing the plant and creating “hemp oil.”  AMAZING results are being seen with both forms of usage.  Let’s all do what we can to move past our own fears and beliefs and really open our HEARTS to the results and reality of things.  Hemp is TRULY a gift from Mother Earth to aid our human race in many ways.  Not only in physical healing but in helping to keep Mother Earth healthy by its use in sustainability products as well.  It can be used for MANY, MANY beautiful things and ask that all of us educate ourselves more on the matter and then do what we can to make its use legal for all who may need it for their overall health and well being.

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P.S. At the end of the article are 2 other links that all of you should read!  One article on the life saving benefits of hemp and the other on how the chemical structure of hemp mimic our own chemical brain structures.  VERY fascinating stuff if you ask me!

Juicing cannabis miraculously saves lives after physicians declare the battle lost


Friday, March 30, 2012 by: Raw Michelle

(NaturalNews) At 16, Kristen Peskuski was suffering from joint inflammation and an array of autoimmune conditions which made her organs and other tissues swell, including interstitial cystitis and lupus. She was prescribed over 40 different anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and painkilling medications to combat the symptoms. Still struggling to bring the symptoms under control, Kristen developed steroid toxicity. She was told that the most she could hope for was reduced discomfort, and with luck, she might make it to her 30th birthday. Seeking alternative treatments, she began juicing raw cannabis leaves every day, and within two months, Kristen’s back pain had been eliminated, and she had stopped using any other painkillers.

Meet Amber

At two years old, she was diagnosed with terminal brain tumours. Her mother was told that with treatment, Amber had a 10 percentchance of survival. After surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, the tumours were still spreading. Her parents were advised to take their child home, make her comfortable, and prepare for the inevitable. A month later, her parents reported a startling change. The tumours had decreased in size and number. The family had been juicing cannabis leaves and feeding their baby a few ounces of the juice each day.

Up in smoke

A typical first reaction is to associate marijuana consumption with its psychoactive effects. However, THC only becomes psychoactive when heated, like when traditionally smoked or cooked. When used raw, cannabis isn’t psychoactive. The marijuana’s abilities as a painkiller are generally perceived to be the result of its psychoactivity – so much so that the intensity of a plant’s psychoactive effects is often used as a gauge of its medical potency. Contrary to intuition, this isn’t true! The medical properties of marijuana are actually destroyed when heated or aged, as it becomes psychoactive. Heating converts 600mg of non-psychoactive THC acid into 10mg of psychoactive THC. Here’s where the exchange for medical effects occurs. While the 10mg retain some medicinal effects, there is only a fraction of the THC left. In simplified terms, in the raw plant, THC acid isn’t psychoactive, but acts as a very powerful medicine, up to 400 times more powerful than when smoked.

Healthful communication

Scientific American, in 2004, published an article called “The Brain’s Own Marijuana”, in which they asserted that the brain releases chemicals that are structurally and functionally similar to cannabinoids – the reactive property in marijuana. THC is the cannabinoid that people are most familiar with, but this is only one of 80. In normal synaptic nerve function, the signals are uni-directional, and the receiver forwards the signal, but never notifies the sender that the message has been received. Cannabinoids maintain communication with the original transmitter so that it is aware that the message has been received and is being worked on. For example, if a neuron sends a pain signal, normally it would just keep sending the message until the message becomes false. The cannabinoids turn every cell into a manager with increased oversight.

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