My brother sent this to our family blog. I HIGHLY recommend you watch ALL of it.  Chris and I spent the last 2 days watching them in between daily chores. Our conviction that personal change is needed NOW was reiterated.

It is DIRE we take action both physically and psychologically, as both videos portray. We can make PHENOMENAL changes, quickly….effectively….easily….. when we take responsibility not only for ourselves but, like Chris Martenson says in the last video, each other too! What that means is we are doing things like sending this video forward to others. Just a small step to help others along their path of removing fear and choosing preparedness and more self reliance.

I stand with Chris Martenson where I don’t know the future but I would MUCH rather be ready for any large change than not. The personal changes we are making as a family, we recognize, are not for everyone. They might be a bit severe but….this is the course of action that is working for us. By watching the video and then getting on Chris’ website, you can take his self assessment test and find out what changes will work for you. We have found that even the tiniest steps in a conscious direction of responsibility has made HUGE differences in any insecure or unsure feelings we may have.

So, our hope is that after watching this video you might take the time to figure out where you are at and what changes you can make for the betterment of not only ourselves but human kind, as a whole. We hope you’ll keep checking back to our blogs and websites. We hope that some information we share will help you in this endeavor.

Abundant peace to all,