I had a placenta encapsulation client recently in need of how to help her baby with jaundice. Here it is, guys. 1️⃣st- Lots & lots of breastfeeding is BEST! This moves the bile from the liver through the bowels to be excreted. Every 2 hours isvitamind ideal if jaundice is already presenting itself. 2️⃣nd- These two supplements. One for Baby. One for Mama. Just to make sure we’re meeting the demand for healing. Vitamin D helps to synthesize the bile. Hence, the reason when you take your baby to the doctor for jaundice, they put your baby under lights. The lights help the body create its own vitamin D through using the the largest organ in the body, the skin as the conductor. 3️⃣rd- Place baby only in diaper in sun filled window for 30 min to an hour at a time. Of course, move baby if they get too warm. The idea is for baby to absorb the vitamin D from the light not for baby to get too hot. Again, utilizing natural light is getting the same affect as unnatural lights like the hospital may place them under. I received a call from my client yesterday. Baby is doing GREAT & jaundice is cleared up after 48 hours! Easy cheesy people.