If you search the internet, you will find many websites that will tell you the nutritional contents of your food. You will see that a lot of protein comes from nuts, seeds, grains, and greens. Greens being the ideal form of protein consumption. One of the purposes of this diet is to help the body become clean from life long impurities. When this takes place, we see that we can assimilate much more nutrients from our foods. As you educate yourselves on the raw diet, you will find that as a society, we consume WAY too much protein and it is the main cause of the breakdown of the human physical body. Through experiement and education, most raw foodist find they feel better and their bodies function much more efficently when they are consuming less protein. Again, as we believe in the bodies ability to heal itself, we find we no longer break our food down into each individual nutrient but we recognize that when we eat foods as a whole, we will be receiving all the needed nutrients for the body, in exactly the right proportions.

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