I have been pondering and praying since starting this process of “drinking my food.” Part of the reason for starting it was the whole jaw/teeth loss issue. Another reason was that I knew I had some strong emotional and spiritual issues I need to work through. I understand my body well enough to know that when I chose to lessen the work load physically, my whole being then decides the lessen the work load in all regards. I am grateful I know of this technique of healing. I feel it has helped my several times since starting this lifestyle change.

I have HUGE AMOUNTS of anger! And of course, every negative emotion known to man. Anger has been a big one for me lately. Just like the rest of us, I have had some WONDERFUL old thought patterns that are now ready to arise and be released. They are no longer serving me and my current vibration which I am ESTATIC about. It has been hard for me to release these thought patterns. They are like the comfortable, soft, lovely blanket that I carried as a child to help me feel safe. I find it interesting that when we release and let go of old baggage, our initial feeling is one of fear of the unknown. It has become such a part of us that letting it go can feel sad to even downright painful. All of these feelings have been coursing through me since deciding to “drink my food” two days ago.
This morning I had an AMAZING bawling session. It felt horrible while processing it but as soon as I lit my candle and talked to my Savior and God, I let go and felt the LOVE and PEACE of the God and angels surrounding me. I felt honored, yet again, to find that I am loved no matter what choices I make. That God’s love isn’t conditional based upon my “worthiness.” I feel increasingly inspired as I relearn to apply this universal principle into my life.
The other side of the coin is letting others accept me in this saddened state that I see myself in. When I am in the place of feeling “pathetic and weak”, I refuse to let others love me for fear that I will be rejected. My husband showed me today that, even while working out his own internal issues, he could and would accept and love me while hoping the same for himself. Isn’t this really what we all want? To be accepted and loved in any space that we chose to live in. What a world we could live in if this were the case. I believe that this acceptance and love truly is CHARITY! The LOVE of God, the Savior, angels and even the universe coursing through us to be extented to all who we come in contact with. The fact that my husband helped and led the way, it made it easier for me to love and accept him in his saddened space. This, as we relearn how to truly apply it, then extends to all species that we come in contact with here on the earth. Well….there it is. This is my learning for today. I am extremely grateful to God for it. I find it interesting since starting this juice fast that I haven’t really had any physical “cleansing” reactions. As you can see, they have been emotional which makes it apparent that the body heals as a whole. We can chose to raise our vibration emotionally, physically or spiritually and then sit back and let the LOVE in. Cleansing, rebuilding, alkalizing and hydrating are all WAYS of loving ourselves. The outcome is the love we are wanting to recieve.
Now…I have had a few thoughts about sticking with only juice and/or moving to smoothies and soups. During other juice fasts that I and others have performed, I have found that supplements like cascara sagrada and/or psyllium husks have been taken to help the bowel eliminate. During the process of juice fasting, the body is releasing quite a bit of toxic material. Without the bowel pushing it out, we then turn to supplements to “force” it out. This is not always the case but sometimes severe cleansing reactions can be felt without the elmination process. I am in a quandary regarding if this is really healthy for my body at this point in time. I have spent years previous taking both of those supplements and have found that I wish to be a bit more gentle with myself, at this point in time.
Also, I agree with Victoria Boutenko in regards to fiber helping to bind toxic material as it moves through the bowel and then going on the eliminate it. It seems to me that when juice fasting we are still forcing the bowel to move even though there is not enough bulk for the bowel to move on it’s own. Understand me, that in no way am I stating that we shouldn’t juice fast. I feel that if we are all learning how to listen to our bodies then we will apply whatever lessons we need to in order to gain the desired health we are seeking. But…for my situation at this point in time, I am wondering if I can see the same, if not even better results, if I incorporate smoothies and soups in with my juices. These are just some of the thoughts I have had for today. I would love to get others feedback. I feel I can get great results because I am not going to be eating any fat or salt during this time, along with trying to eat as simply as possible. I am still pondering and praying about what to do. As of right now, I am still juicing. I will fill you in more tomorrow.
Here is what I had to drink yesterday and today:
1 quart prune water
1 cup grapefruit juice mixed with powdered greens
1 quart + 2 cups carrot/celery/apple/comfrey/ginger juice
1 quart + 1 cup grapefruit juice
1 quart carrot/celery/apple/comfrey/ginger juice
2 quarts watermelon juice
And who knows, maybe I will eat some soup tonight. Stay tuned to know the rest of the “drinking” saga.
God bless you all,